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Three over-rated women tennis stars are out of Wimbledon

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And on the same day! Serena & Venus Williams and Wozniacki were unceremoniously beaten by lesser known players.

For the Williams’ it seems to me that they simply don’t play enough tournament tennis and it may be time to contemplate retirement. Their brand of “power tennis” just isn’t enough anymore against younger and tournament tested players.

I have always felt that Miss Wozniacki was overrated. She has ATP number 1 for a long time but seems to lose a few too many key matches.

So overall I am happy that new players who are more agile and tennis smart will be playing in the finals. Now if only one of them can beat Sharapova in the quarters or semis my joy will be complete.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2011/06/28 at 15:41

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