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Marc Cavendish’s 5th and best stage and green jersey win

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He’s not the most complete bike racer but he is now the best Tour de France sprinter with the green jersey. Marc Cavendish fulfilled his dearest Tour de France goal this year and here is what his winning form looked like at the end of the 2011 Tour in Paris:

Here is what he had to say according to The armchair sports fan:

I finally got it, but it didn’t come easy. I really had to fight for it all the way to the last finish line and I’m very tired, but it was worth all that effort.

I had eight fantastic team-mates around me all the way, they kept working with me, I was close to getting it for the last two years and now it’s finally here.

I’m so happy, it’s incredible. It’s a great way to finish the Tour and a super, super emotional day.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2011/07/24 at 17:13

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