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This a refreshed and updated (2010, Sep 26 ) descriptive page about me and my immediate family today.

As for this blog, suffice to say that I write about myself, my family, the times and my views about some of the passing scene. As time goes on I realize that this blog is also a journal of my interests, amazing images, politics, the culture wars et al. My views are certainly valuable to me. But I can’t predict how others will consider them.

I have lived in at least five countries of this world and visited 15 some or more. I have lived in 4 Canadian provinces and hope that BC will be the last province that I will live in while I am still in Canada.

Yes, I may not end my days in Canada. There is a measureable possibility that I will end my days living in China.

Until February, 2010 I lived in Vancouver with my wife, Emma (Wen Yuan) and her daughter Kelly (Yu Wen wen). Then we all ended up in China, Emma and I in Dalian and Kelly in Beijing pursuing stardom!


I have prematurely written about the breakup of my marriage to Emma. That breakup is on a definite maybe hold. Today, Oct 1, 2010 seems to promise that our marriage is not ended but it may have changed our feeling about what our marriage is about.

I will not go on the record now. It’s too early in this never ending game of discovery about myself and the nature of my connection with Emma. Our coupleship is a bit like Chinese society in the sense that what you see may not be what’s really there. I have many things that I want to do in the next few years and ending my marriage to Emma would make much of that harder to achieve.

When discussing greater satisfaction with life and business, it seems important for me to view my next 5 to 10 years in Greater Dalian and hopefully on a bigger China stage.

I am older, dottier!


Dalian birdview
Image via Wikipedia

In the recent past I  tried to be an Independent Nikken Consultant ID # 840344100 and a sometime blackberry picker. I do look like a guy who says, ‘life is beautiful’ now don’t I?

As of mid February 2010, I will be spending most of my time pursuing business interests in Dalian, China and Vancouver. If I manage to build enough income from those ventures with the likes of ABt 24/7 in Dalian, I may adopt living in Dalian and Vancouver.

UPDATE (2009/9/4)

I left Dalian June 3, 2009 and got to Vancouver on June 3. I returned with a 1% equity ownership of a Dalian based Internet company, Dalian Advanced Backoffice Technology Co Ltd. And a slight possibility of earning a 5% commission on the sale of some English Ed software.

Now life goes on.

But it hasnt gone on for very long. It-s mid November 09 and we have our tickets to go back to China, she and me this time!

Here is our new Mission Statement to give a clearer focus to our activities in Dalian:

The purpose of this Mission Statement is to provide clear business goals and intentions for a renewed business development effort in China, focusing on Liaoning, Shandong, Heliongjiang and Jilin provinces as well as Beijing, Tianjin and Hong Kong SARs.

It is my intention to identify and establish business arrangements with smaller Canadian businesses, especially in the production of fine spirits – like grappa and maple syrup liquers, as well as special consumer items with a high Canadian content, with a view to offering a practical entry process into the China market for B2B and B2C channels. On the other hand, I will enter into relationships in China to support the legal importing of these Canadian goods through select Chinese ports of entry beginning in Dalian and Qingdao.

Since Business ESL is so much in demand in China, I am currently confirming an China agency arrangement with ACT360 for the sale of iBT materials in China non-exclusively. I am developing person to person connections in China that will get this sales channel re-aligned and restarted.

For now I will focus on product and technology movement from Canada to China. But I recognize that a counter flow from China to North America should be feasible. I view my involvement as agent and facilitator. I will be using e-commerce and viral marketing in China to the maximum possible. I currently have a small equity position in a Dalian based outsourcing and web business as a point of departure for my China based Internet businesses.

Update September 2010

I am now a member of the, an international consortium. I recently visited the Horgos Cooperation Center, on the Kazakh-China border, as an official representative of investors. I was the second lead, after the CCP representative the gracious Mr. Li. I gave a loud speech and turned the dirt (no sod there) with the gold shovel facing a phalanx of red ribboned construction equipment. This will be a massive project.

Nov 2010

I am now a member of the Board of Directors of ABT 247, a Dalian based Web company, which is specializing now in the development and delivery of Web store software-as-a-service. I am actively marketing this service which will follow a freemium business model in China, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.

I am also developing a web platform for English training using a variant of the “core English” model that I will be branding soon.


I realize that I have been too focused on the last few years of my life here. As it turns out, I have three children from my first marriage. It would be nice to drop in here an orderly pic of all of them together, but like many families mine has lately found it difficult to get together in one place with me.

But here is a photo, of my daugher, Christine, her intended, Sujit, my older son’s “significant other”, Rosie, my older son, Stephane and finally my grand-daughter Dédé, taken during after an al fresco brunch hosted – in Aug/04 – by Christine, who generously tolerared my visits to DDO:

part of my family

My daughter, Christine and her husband live in Halifax now. He is a lecturer at Dal U and she is finishing her BA at King’s College in HFX.

And now via Facebook I can add a photo of my two other grandchildren, David, Chloé and their mother Brigitte Duchesne.


We are, like many Canadians, from different ethnic backgrounds and quite wide diversity of interests and preferences!

And then there is my older brother JP Gagnon. He lives, as well as he can, in Quebec City now. The Nortel pension wars have claimed too much from him. But he is a doughty fighter and I believe he will persist as well as he can.

We Gagnon’s are a all individuals each in our own way and that’s what I love most about us!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2005/11/18 at 20:34

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