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How big is Apple now?

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Would you believe as big as Microsoft and Intel combined!

Well I wonder what Michael Dell thinks of this:

Snipped from TUAW!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2011/06/06 at 00:08

How the iPhone is doing in China – not bad at all thanks!

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Image representing iPhone as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

Two perceptive $APPL observers (Brian Hall and JL Gassee) have perused Apple’s last quarter report and found this important fact:

In China the iPhone is +250% year-to-year (vs. +155% in the US).The number is especially interesting because this ought to be where iOS goes to die, snuffed out by a swarm of locally produced cheap handsets running Android or its mutant cousins Tapas and Ophone.

My own observation is that there is a class of Chinese consumers who have this thing for gadgets (iPhones and iPads) that seem to come from the US of A, even when they are “made in China”.

And what about the Android vs. iOS wars. Here is what Brian Hall reports:

  1. Looks like iPhone was 65% of total smartphone ATT sales in Q1. (3.6m out of 5.5m).
  2. They didn’t report total Android, but assuming Blackberry was 20%, Android was probably around 0.8m or 15%.
  3. It looks like iPhone was 45% of total ATT phone sales for the quarter. It is unclear if that percentage is growing substantially or stabilized.
My goodness, Apple wins again!
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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2011/04/25 at 15:59

Tall, Taller and Tallest in Shanghai

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Superlative words about China’s building of skyscrapers there aren’t enough of!

Here’s the latest tower over them all:

It does bring to mind the adage of “What goes up must come down!”

With the fire in the 30 story tower last month that killed 57, it seems that we should pay more attention to the adage!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/12/05 at 12:35

Today, I apparently sold the first copy of my Web English!

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Video games for the people
Image by A*A*R*O*N via Flickr

Every selling game has a No 1. The first real sale for real money! And this was my day to get her agreement. The actual sale and delivery of goods will happen next week or the week after. But the commitment seemed to be there.

That is always satisfying especially when I had to struggle to get this version of my course ware completed. It is now 96% complete. I have done it on my own, with sidesteps via Joomla et al. But here I am with a course developed using It’s a winnah!

Yes, I am struggling with this startup in China! Where I go from sale No 1 is not obvious tonight, but the future looms, especially in this country of undeniable big numbers.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/12/05 at 04:51

Yayyyyy for Steven Hill standing up for Japanese and German economies

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Income inequality and mortality in 282 metropo...
Image via Wikipedia

VS. that big ole bad US of A’s. Here is a telling excerpt:

Look at it this way: In the midst of the Great Recession, the United States is suffering through nearly 10% unemployment and 50 million people without health insurance. A new report has found over 14% of Americans living below the poverty line, including 20% of children and 23% of seniors, the highest since President Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty. That’s in addition to declining prospects for the middle class, and a general increase in economic insecurity.

How, then, should we regard a country that has 5% unemployment, healthcare for all its people, the lowest income inequality and is one of the world’s leading exporters? This country also scores high on life expectancy, low on infant mortality, is at the top in literacy, and is low on crime, incarceration, homicides, mental illness and drug abuse. It also has a low rate of carbon emissions, doing its part to reduce global warming. In all these categories, this particular country beats both the U.S. and China by a country mile.

Doesn’t that sound like a country from which Americans might learn a thing or two about how to get out of the mud hole in which we are stuck?

Not if that place is Japan. During and before the current economic crisis, few countries have been vilified as an economic basket case as much as the Land of the Rising Sun. Google “Japan and its economy” and you will get numerous hits about Japan’s allegedly sclerotic economy, its zombie banks, its deflation and slow economic growth. This malaise has even been called “Japan syndrome”, sounding like a disease to warn policymakers, as in “you don’t want to end up like Japan.”

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/11/27 at 15:41

The headline grabbed my attention right away!

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Bottom of Wall Street from FDR
Image by SheepGuardingLlama via Flickr

It was from an article in the New Yorker, that continues to offer me intriguing and generally useful information that I can believe, I hope!

It  said, “What good is Wall Street?” The essay is very good with person to person views of several Wall Street biggies. Here is an excerpt from the essay:

Think of all the profits produced by businesses operating in the U.S. as a cake. Twenty-five years ago, the slice taken by financial firms was about a seventh of the whole. Last year, it was more than a quarter. (In 2006, at the peak of the boom, it was about a third.) In other words, during a period in which American companies have created iPhones, Home Depot, and Lipitor, the best place to work has been in an industry that doesn’t design, build, or sell a single tangible thing

So you don’t have to wonder any more why the US economy is “underwater” so to speak! It’s focused on the “useless fruits of pure capitalism” and that’s what’s gone wrong,  I understand what John Cassidy is saying in his essay, at least in part.

Cassidy even found an apparent Wall Streeter, who seems to agree with the negative view of what happens on Wall Street now:

Paul Woolley, a seventy-one-year-old Englishman who has set up an institute at the London School of Economics called the Woolley Centre for the Study of Capital Market Dysfunctionality. “Why on earth should finance be the biggest and most highly paid industry when it’s just a utility, like sewage or gas?” Woolley said to me when I met with him in London. “It is like a cancer that is growing to infinite size, until it takes over the entire body.

Now that’s negative!

Later in the essay Wooley goes even further in commenting on market ups and downs:

Woolley had an epiphany: financial institutions that react to market incentives in a competitive setting often end up making a mess of things. “I realized we were acting rationally and optimally,” he said. “The clients were acting rationally and optimally. And the outcome was a complete Horlicks.” Financial markets, far from being efficient, as most economists and policymakers at the time believed, were grossly inefficient. “And once you recognize that markets are inefficient a lot of things change.

But I haven’t seen much CHANGE! Have you?

Read more

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/11/22 at 16:40

IT/Web futurescape

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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 11:  A man waits in l...
Image by Getty Images via @daylife

View of Max Katz a mobile web authority:

By 2013 mobile devices will overtake PCs as the preferred way of accessing the Internet (and doing mobile stuff online)

Robert Scoble has said the same thing. Mobile networks from all view points is the future of HW/SW and gadgets!

Half the world population use mobile phones today, or 4billion phones and smart phones will sell in 2010 at about 250 million unit rate!

Native apps or Web apps? according to Katz,

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/11/21 at 15:33