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The Manxman did it again, the 4th stage win this year

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Differenty colored cycling jerseys as used in ...

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Here is what the Armchair Sports Fan says about Marc Cavendish’s 2011 Tour de France accomplishments:

Mark Cavendish may have been the man to take the podium as the winner of today’s 15th stage to Montpellier but, as the Manxman is so often the first to point out, he was just the final member of a sterling nine-man team effort. HTC-Highroad put their stamp all over this transition stage from start to finish, controlling the chase, the intermediate sprint and the finish to increase their man’s stranglehold on the green jersey. In claiming his fourth win of this Tour Cavendish became the first sprinter (and only the second rider after Eddy Merckx) to win at least four stages at four consecutive Tours de France. Quite simply, this is the most dominant sprinter in the most polished team the sport of cycling has ever seen.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2011/07/17 at 14:57

China plays “military head games” with the US & others

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Obtained from the U.S. Naval War College repor...
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A Reuters news item discusses future use of the Varyag, a medium sized hand me down aircraft carrier now docked in Dalian harbor. This kind of “news” about China’s naval plans must be sourced out of some part of the US Defence industry. After all, this semi-hulk has been in Dalian harbor for several years and is seen easily from Dalian roadways.

But the real military head games are being played elsewhere according to this link.

A new missile attack ship and on the ground evidence of a Chinese stealth fighter seem to get more visibility than the poor old Varyag.

Since “news” is often the leading edge of propaganda, it makes me wonder what is really going on here, especially since the US Secretary of Defence announced sizable military budget cuts this week. Whose “news” is this stuff!

During the “Cold War” there was lots of “news” about the imminence of Soviet military domination. Now we are being treated to “news” about China’s newly developed military capabilities. Is this just the latest version of “let’s frighten them so we can get our way”?

Since the US is and has been since WW II, the global paragon of flaunting its military toys, can it be surprising to anybody that China is now doing the same thing? When will India turn up in these military equipment annals?

One thing that seems encouraging is that a respected Taiwanese military analyst seems calm about all this “news”, calm but circumspect:

But for one top Taiwanese security analyst, rumors of the runway test and China’s other upgrades have already achieved their key objective: to mess with U.S. war planners’ heads.

“It’s a very effective deterrent on the minds of strategic planners in Washington,” said Lin Chong-Pin, a former Taiwan defense official who teaches strategy at Tamkang University. “The Chinese don’t have to do anything in the future. Their announcement has already thrown a monkey wrench in strategic planning for U.S. action in and around the Taiwan Strait.”

I live and work in Northeast China – Dongbei. So I tend to pay more attention to the Korean context. Taiwan Strait seems much farther away. But that’s little comfort in this age of ship and aircraft borne missiles!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2011/01/08 at 18:09

GOP’s ongoing hypocrisies

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Rhetorical question mark
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Here is a quote I found about the latest perversion of their so-called “family values“!

What it means for a lawmaker to be “pro-life” is not a rhetorical question any more. The refusal of Senate Republicans, nearly all of whom identify as pro-life, to support the 9/11 First Responders bill, also known as the James Zadroga bill—a measure that would provide funding for healthcare for firefighters, police and others who became ill as a result of their 9/11 related work—gives this question new urgency.

The shameful spectacle of antiabortion Republicans preventing, as of this writing, the possibility of even a vote for this measure before the holiday recess also makes clear that this movement has gone beyond  its historic valuing of  the life of a fetus over that of a woman.  Now it is mainly the male 9/11 workers whose lives are apparently expendable, because they cannot afford their own health care.

Let’s face it, they are anti-everything but themselves! Most of all to them human life is cheap and it is more often cheapened by their narrow-minded politics than not!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/12/21 at 16:41

Boehner and his public weeping

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Since I’m in China I didn’t know that Boehner went on “60 Minutes” last Sunday and did his usual crying game. There have lots of comments about from columnists like Gail Collins. Even that great celebrity shill, Barbara Walters talked about and not specially flattering terms. Her colleague on the View, Joy Behar, called Boehner “the Weeper of the House”. But I like Tim Egan‘s reflections on this Boehner faux crying game stuff:

For whatever reason, Boehner’s life story never gave him a broader governing vision for the folks he knew in his hometown of Reading, Ohio. When he turns on the waterworks while talking about them, it raises two questions:

Is Boehner crying because he escaped that fate? Or because of the person he has become — a politician whose votes show he couldn’t care less for the people he left behind?

So Republican, so callous, so faux and fundamentally hypocritical. Since US voters, especially those described as independents, seem to favor that crew of callous naysayers, does it mean that significant fractions of Americans would rather support hypocrites and faux representatives of democracy?

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/12/17 at 15:34

I can’t deny Time’s right to name whoever they prefer

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Charles A. Lindbergh: son and father c. 1910
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But after Zuckerberg, consider the other nonentities who were on their list for Person of the Year:

Among Time editors, the Tea Party was the runner-up, followed by Julian Assange, Hamid Karzai, and the Chilean miners. Zuckerberg is the second-youngest Person of the Year, after Charles Lindbergh in 1927.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/12/15 at 14:32

Foreigner rights in Afghanistan

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Image by Getty Images via @daylife

These views direct from the mouths of Taliban mid-level leaders have been published in The Guardian. Here is an excerpt:

“Apart from that they have no rights, they have no right to tell us about democracy and human rights. That’s an Afghan issue and it will be decided by the Afghans.

“The Americans behave with arrogance and if they don’t want to be defeated in Afghanistan they should talk.

“They don’t belong here,” he said. “They are foreigners, outsiders.”

The puppet masters and their puppet Karzai don’t seem to be doing so well! From the sound of this article, it seems to me that US and NATO leaders whistle in the wind every time they talk about the situation in Afghanistan.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/11/29 at 12:58

New heights!

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Everest nubtse
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I can take my laptop with it’s Huawai 3G wireless card up Qomolongma now!

From Globe and Mail:

Nepal firm brings 3G to Mount Everest


Kathmandu— Reuters
Published Thursday, Oct. 28, 2010 10:03AM EDT
Last updated Thursday, Oct. 28, 2010 1:06PM EDT

A private telecom firm took high speed Internet facilities to the top of the world on Thursday when it launched Nepal’s first 3G services at the base camp of Mount Everest.

The installation could help the tens of thousands of mountain climbers and trekkers who visit the Mount Everest region in the Solukhumbu district every year.

They have to depend on expensive satellite phones to remain in touch with their families as the remote region lacks proper communication facilities.

Nepali telecom company Ncell said its new facility is the first 3G setup at the base camp of Mount Everest, the world’s tallest mountain at 8,850 metres (29,035 feet).

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/10/30 at 11:10

If not for Google’s driverless research this would be another slip for the US

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The Gobi Desert lies in the territory of Peopl...
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I posted about the start of this when it began:

Driverless vans end 8,000-mile test drive to China

SHANGHAI (AP) — Across Eastern Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan and the Gobi Desert — it certainly was a long way to go without getting lost.

Four driverless electric vans successfully ended a 8,000-mile (13,000-kilometer) test drive from Italy to China — a modern-day version of Marco Polo’s journey around the world — with their arrival at the Shanghai Expo on Thursday.

The vehicles, equipped with four solar-powered laser scanners and seven video cameras that work together to detect and avoid obstacles, are part of an experiment aimed at improving road safety and advancing automotive technology.

The sensors on the vehicles enabled them to navigate through wide extremes in road, traffic and weather conditions, while collecting data to be analyzed for further research, in a study sponsored by the European Research Council.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/10/28 at 11:19

Now it’s a Nobel Economics Laureate making the case

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By and large, the young people of China are de...
Image by Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library via Flickr

for me to live in China. Check out this link about America going dark and oh while your there read some of the 700+ comments. A pretty good straw vote.

Every day I see more and more evidence of a country growing by leaps and bounds. Oh it ain’t pretty by a long stretch but it sure is better than reading about the darkening of the Ole US of A!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/08/10 at 15:11

Cleaning up the big oil spill in Dalian!

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I am very surprised that the Govt of China and Liaoning allowed international photographers to get these images. But it is kind of contrary programming when you consider how BP acted in the Gulf of Mexico. Dalian comes off with a better cleanup image than BP does!

Here’s some of the human cost of this cleanup in Dalian Harbor:

Scooping it out of the seawater was one way to get it cleaned up!

Even women were pitched into this battle with oil gunk on the beaches and in the water of the Bay of Dalian.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/08/01 at 00:20