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Interesting perspective of new Iceland volcanic ash cloud

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Thx to Big Picture!

Their images tend to be “big” and jaw dropping!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2011/05/28 at 16:06

Majestic view of the Grand Canyon

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Apparently not all is well with the Grand Canyon Skywalk, except for the view which is enjoyed by several hundred thousand tourists annually. For those who get to walk there they can see the Colorado River about 4,000 feet below. For me that would be a scary walk since I am agrophobic, fear of heights.

So here’s the view without all the 4,000 foot drop:

Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2011/04/24 at 04:28

Another thing I miss in China – PBS TV

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Here from the NY Times article, which thankfully I can view here every day:

And here is the link!

Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/12/15 at 13:21

There is an interesting resto, coffeehouse and bar in Dalian

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It’s name is simply Havana and when you walk inside you find a treasure trove of Cubana artifacts, including a series of photos of Che Guevara including this one sitting and chatting with J-P Sartre and his dear friend Simone de Beauvoir:

When I first saw this photo I did a double take. I quickly wrote a note to be attached to the image which you can see in part on the left side of the image. The staff of Havana did not know anything about these intriguing people with Che. Oh, they knew about Che but not anything about the other two.

The owner of this cafe is a Chinese businessman who has a casa in Cuba, he tells me, and a chicken farm or farms there. This man has an intriguing name. He is Mr. Mao but in person he is a paragon of China-Cuba charm, although his English is dim so we tend to try to communicate with my dim Spanish until his niece, Helen, helps us out.

Two other photos in frames caught my eye:

And I’m sure you will agree that this headline is enough to catch anyone’s eye since it’s on the wall with the Che Guevara images. But this next one is also intriguing:

I’m sorry, I can’t seem to eliminate this upside down image, but I’m sure you will agree that this photo of a front page, even if upside down, is quite recognizable!

and then I found another candid image of Che:

And now one of those Cuban artifacts with a quite recognizable cigar, looking a bit weary and tattered but a cigar nonetheless:

All the photos were snapped by me on the walls of Cafe Havana, a really neat place since they serve cold Australian beer and coffee and pretty good eats! The cafe is one street away from a very busy Carrefour Supermarket and a building known as the Roosevelt! Now that has to be intriguing since it’s all near a Xi’an Lu (road) and Huanghe (Yellow) Lu.

Helen is a neat lady and her uncle is an authentic Chinese character since he even finances an amateur soccer team in soccer crazy Dalian.

I guess once you consider this post you’ll have a better idea why I find joy on the back streets of Dalian!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/11/12 at 13:26

My 5 seconds of public attention in Xinjiang

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Close to Karakoram Highway in Xinjiang
Image via Wikipedia

On Sep 13 this year I cut short my visit to Vancouver to get back to Dalian and then onwards to Horgos in extreme Western China and the province of Xinjiang. The personal reward I got was a visit to this little known part of China with the Uighur and Hui cultures.

It wasn’t until yesterday that I decided to use the Baidu search engine and  found an official press article that mentioned my presence in Yining and Horgos on Sept 17, 2010 and here’s a direct quote sourced out of the Source Juice site in China:

Canadian High Dengshi Group Investment Co., Ltd. Executive Director Luobotejia Hamilton (Robert Gagnon), said: “Central Asia is located in the hinterland of the Huoerguosi special geographical position and good prospects for the development of China’s economy and attract us. This year, China The Government says that the construction of special economic zone in Huoerguosi more shows here last year, the company decided to invest wise and wisdom. Huoerguosi great change will affect the world, we will use our past 19 years of experience in North America and advanced technologies accumulated for Horgos contribute to a better future. ”

Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture Party Secretary Li Xianglin said the Chinese government, Party and government departments at all levels, especially in Xinjiang Xinjiang, the central work conference on cooperation in construction of the center for a number of policy support, Collaborating Centre for the construction of the west to China, opening up and economic growth in Xinjiang guide , a model will become increasingly prominent, Ili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture will be the first to benefit

I have to say that I was very impressed with the presence and obvious clear eyed vitality of Party Secretary Li Xanglin. He extended friendly hospitality to me and my Goudgans colleagues and seemed to have time for all the people involved in that project launch! I was proud to be on the dais with him, honestly!

Oh in case you missed it for that event my Chinese name was LUOBOTEJIA which I’m told is literally Robert the Canadian!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/11/04 at 14:36

Does this goat look deadly to you?

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/10/28 at 12:48

China’s borderlands are gigantic!

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DANDONG, CHINA - FEBRUARY 26:  Workers rest ne...
Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Global Post had an excellent but too short piece this morning about China’s borderlands and here’s an excerpt:

In short, China’s most delicate and dicey challenges are often seen most dramatically on its borders. In the regions where China meets the rest of the world, its own ethnic lines are blurred by intense concentrations of minority populations, sometimes dominating whole provinces like Xinjiang, Tibet, Inner Mongolia and Manchuria. Many of these regions have broken away from Chinese control throughout history. Today the borders are strong, but the 14 countries that frame China couldn’t be more different, from Pakistan to North Korea and Mongolia to Myanmar.

It’s no small challenge for China, which, with 13,743 miles of international borders, has more borderlands than any other country in the world.

Based on what I read in public print China does a much  better job than the US does with on its border with Mexico. Here is a small photo illustrating what China has to deal with on its borders with North Korea:

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/10/27 at 17:48