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Voter registration & voting in Canada and the US

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My wife, a Chinese citizen and legal immigrant living in Canada, is firmly convinced that most things are better and much cheaper in the US than Canada. Some of what she believes may be true but voter registration and voting is manifestly much better and fairer in Canada than in the US.

I went to vote yesterday in our federal election here in Vancouver. The lineups for voting were completely non-existent. Using conventional hard copy voting slips we have no lineups and our vote counting is completed within hours of vote closure times.

Every time I read or see a video about voter registration and voting in the US, I hear about registration irregularities. On most if not all videos, I see long and I mean super long lineups to vote. There are seemingly never ending legal procedures related to registration, voter list purging et al.

What the F… is going in the US, that world super power. More and more it seems they can’t even organize the most basic democratic process in their own country!

I firmly believe that ideological issues are the fundamental difference between the US and Canada. And that is the main reason I will never live in the US. Ideology trumps most basic political issues in the US. Ideology is destructive and disruptive. I pray that will never be the case here in Canada.

We are so close and yet so far from the US in this very basic way as well as in other important social values. Let’s keep it that way!

UPDATE: Michael Moore thinks the Canadian electoral system is clean, clear, cheap and great quite unlike the frenetic and sometimes fatally unreliable US electoral system. He talked about it on Democracy Now and on Countdown with Keith O.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2008/10/15 at 09:19