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Astronomy, your mind and mine!

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The Milky Way
Image by makelessnoise via Flickr

Changes are what it’s mostly about these days in DC and in astronomy. Check this editorial out at NY Times!

Here’s an excerpt:

This is one of the wonderful things about astronomy. Our understanding of the galaxy around us undergoes a significant shift, and the only real change is the new terrain that opens up inside our heads. We don’t experience a physical lurch, because we’re traveling exactly as fast around the center of the Milky Way as we always were. The lurch we experience is our minds catching up to our actual physical speed. We are so exquisitely attuned to our celestial motions that we seem, to ourselves, to be standing still, no matter how our understanding of the universe changes.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/01/07 at 07:57