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I like to watch tennis matches between top players

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But there are times while I am watching a match that I wonder why so much technology and expensive TV time is given over to a game. Some times the players don’t seem as focused as I like to think they should be. Those are the times when I wonder about the “meaning of pro tennis“. Do I watch to see which player will dominate to win? Do I watch because some famous rich players can be beaten and then I get some sort of psychic satisfaction, even if my life is not changed one iota by the results of a match in a major tennis event?

Murray beat Nadal last night quite soundly in Melbourne at the Australian Open. The article in the NY Times mentions that after that match “questions linger” about Nadal’s ability to win the “big ones” after recovering from a major knee injury. Do I watch because I want to see how this kind of sports drama plays out? How one player finds the energy and determination on a given day to beat the other? How even world class players can have good and bad days “on the job”, or find it such a challenge to regain their playing confidence after serious injury?

Maybe I like to watch the special drama of individuals playing at their best to see which one can find the way to beat the other and that’s entertaining!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/01/26 at 07:16