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Battle of Kursk

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Soviet T34 tanks during the Battle of Kursk.Image via Wikipedia

Battle of Kursk
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This epic tank/infantry/artillery battle with heavy tactical air support took place on the Russian steppe in July of 1943. More than 2 million soldiers and nearly 6 thousand tanks collided and destroyed each other in many pitched battles over a large area of land.

In several ways this battle represented the mid-point in the savage wars of the Eastern Front.

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The fictional depiction on the right is an artist’s imaginative recreation of a scene he/she probably didn’t ever see in real live battle.

The battle of Kursk was the first major clash between USSR and Nazi military after the epic defence of Stalingrad, which ended with major troop and equipment losses for the Nazi Wehrmacht. By that time, the Nazi Wehrmacht had largely implemented its grotesque style of no-quarter-given warfare, which continued with growing intensity on both sides until the liberation of Berlin in April 1945.

An indication of this is the telling statistic that 9 out of 10 casualties (killed and wounded) on the Nazi side were the result of all warfare on the Eastern Front. So it is truly the USSR military who can get the biggest share of the credit for defeat of the Nazi cause. Of course, the USSR received great quantities of armaments and logistic support from the Allies beginning in early 1942. But the “killing grounds” of the Eastern Front are what wasted away the mass of Germany’s military might.

A German Tiger I tank in combat during the Bat...
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