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And it’s about time that Rogers Wireless should be taken down a notch or 2

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Rogers Hi-Speed Internet
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The excerpt from G&M:

Starting Thursday, Rogers Communications Inc. (RCI.B-T33.180.280.85%) has to yank its claim to the “most reliable” mobile phone network from all print, television and radio advertising after a British Columbia appeal court did not make a judgment on Wednesday afternoon in a fight between Telus Corp. (T-T34.69-0.34-0.97%) and Rogers.

After launching a new network in November, Telus took Rogers to court over its long-advertised claim about the reliability of the Rogers Wireless network. Last Friday, Telus won at the B.C. Supreme Court, which ruled that Rogers must remove the claims of “most” reliable as of Dec. 3.

On Wednesday morning and afternoon, three justices at the B.C. Court of Appeal listened to arguments from both sides and the case ran past the usual 4 p.m. end-of-day mark. After about 15 minutes of deliberation as the sky darkened outside the downtown Vancouver courthouse, the justices returned to say they would not have an immediate decision.

Rogers began complying with the initial court order earlier this week when it removed the reliability claim from its website.

To my mind they have always been second class in customer service, while stridently declaring they were the best in their ad campaigns. Well they and their telecom competitors give us Canajuns a very low class and very costly telecom service as evidenced by the world wide review of telecom services done by Harvard’s Berkman Institute recently.

Bell Canada
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It is ironic that the courts were asked by Telus to do it to Rogers and that a few days after the negative decision evidenced above, Rogers undertook a suit against such claims by Bell Canada. Does this mean that the telecom companies in Canada know that they are all second class, like the Berkman report clearly proved!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/12/03 at 09:26

My low opinion of Rogers apparently confirmed by Canadian court

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Telus Workers Rally: Local support
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Rogers told to ditch ‘most reliable network’ claim

A Telus store in Toronto's Eaton's Centre


A Telus store in Toronto’s Eaton’s Centre JENNIFER ROBERTS/THE GLOBE AND M


Wireless rival Telus ‘pleased’ after winning injunction on Rogers advertising claims in B.C. court


For me this news feels like “the pot calling the kettle black”. I’ve been told by Bell sales people that Bell and Telus share a new network in Canada, while Rogers uses much older technology, like GSM et al. But I’ve always had a low opinion of Telus after dumping their DSL service 4 years ago in Vancouver. So I don’t feel so impressed that Telus sued to get an injunction to stop Rogers’ claims about its network “being the best”.

Since the Berkman Institute recently published a report about worldwide national telecom systems in which Canada ranked 37th re cost, bandwidth offerings et al, I feel that Telus, Bell et al need to make major revisions to pricing and bandwidth offerings. That goes in spades for my current phone and ISP, Shaw.

Guys, get your own act together before attacking your nearest competitor!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/11/25 at 06:21