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State of the Internet Now!

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Regional Internet Registries world map.

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This blog is one of 152 million on the ‘Net.

Wow! I guess I can’t be surprised that I get so few daily independent views.

Click here for the infographic that tells the whole Internet numbers story!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2011/07/16 at 04:54

I am enjoying very much the blogging environment

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at Tumblr ( I can make a post there in half the time it takes me here but I don’t get any viewer stats there.

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2010/10/23 at 17:02

I have just setup a new hosted blog

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wandering around the old city (I)
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Here is the link

This is my new try to monetize my blogging and get ready for e-commerce et al in China.



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2009/11/09 at 17:11

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A milestone with independent viewer hits of this blog

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Image representing as depicted i...
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This is the first time I have posted about this stat. This blog will cross the 80,000 independent viewer hit mark today. That’s the stat since I started the blog in late 2005 or about 4 years ago. I’m no A-level blogger but I am amazed that my modest efforts here have gotten that much attention in the blogosphere.

I credit for most of this activity. I have tried two other blogging platforms, Live Space and Typepad, and got very little exposure with them. I heartily recommend

Thx to all those 80,000 hitters!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/08/10 at 07:53

In case you would like to read useful reports about China

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2008/08/07 at 07:20

Now that this blog is found by 75 to 150 viewers each day

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In fall 2004, Ellen Simonetti was fired for wh...Image via Wikipedia

I consider my purpose here.

For one thing it is a place where I record all the interesting stuff (text and images) that I run across in my web space wandering. Some times I even add my critical thoughts about some of these accretions. Probably this is in line with thoughts of Nicholas Carr, as in:

Bloggers do similarly useful work. In fact, the blogosphere may best be thought of as a vast digestive tract, breaking down the news of the day into ever finer particles of meaning (and ever more concentrated toxins).

It’s worth remembering that, in a literary context, another word for “parasitic” is “critical”. Blogging is, at its essence, a critical form, a means of recycling other writings to ensure that every molecule of sense, whether real or imagined, is distilled and consumed.

So if someone wants to call my blog parasitic, or even bacterial, that’s fine with me. I’ll consider it not an insult, but a compliment.

· Nicholas Carr is the author of Does IT Matter? He scavenges at

Whatever it is I do or not here, it is an electronic collection point among millions of others in the BlogSpace.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2008/07/16 at 12:26