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The headline in the NY Times signals how jingoistic things are in America

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Deepwater Horizon Fire - April 22, 2010
Image by SkyTruth via Flickr

Road to New Confidence at BP Runs Through U.S.

Does this sound as ridiculous to you as it does to me?
What possible connection could there be between a better view of BP in the US and the nationality of its CEO, unless Americans see the world through “America first and last” lenses. But many of you will say that’s precisely what Americans do and think! The “huge spill” would never have happened if a US citizen were in charge of such a large corporation.
Wake up America! Some of your worst enemies were born and bred in the good ole US of A. Having an American in charge at BP will change precisely nothing in the Gulf of Mexico or the shores of Texas, Louisiana et al. However, I do see that may change some shallow and short term perceptions about what has happened and is happening there!
Why do Americans continue to see the world through their own prejudices and biases? Why can’t they begin to see America as part of the world with nothing special in their favor or against them?
For the whole NYT article click here!
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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/07/26 at 15:20

Is it rape and plunder by Big Energy Capital?

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The key word is “seems to be” and time, as in many other ugly situations, will tell whether what seems to be is!

That massive spill, which we’re told is the result of much risky behavior by BP and its contractrors, leaves a coastal area besmirched for the duration or something like that. Fishers, shrimpers et al have their livelihood curtailed and maybe ended. Ain’t capitalism beautiful when it seeks profit at whatever the cost?

Here’s physical evidence of another besmirching of the US landscape by coal operators in West Virginia:

To read the full NY Times story about Spruce 1 and contested plans for its expansion go here!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/07/15 at 15:18

This morning I am going to do post with more than one image

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Let’s start with a touch of humanity. Can you guess which country this was snapped in:

Just a kid looking to cool off, in the Tigris no less!

The next image is for the record. It’s an  original image of the off-shore oil platform fire after the explosion that triggered the Great Crude Spill! Snipped from HuffPo.

Is there no decency left? How could they de-cigar a famous image of WSC, he of V for Victoria during WW II?

The second altered image does look ersatz as heck!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/06/16 at 18:08

Terribly ugly image of crude oil soaked bird in Gulf of Mexico

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Finally, I felt I had to post this especially ugly image, sad and distressing picture of the havoc being wreaked by BP‘s errant off-shore disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. It is disgusting to read about BP and its contractors hapzard operation on that now blown away oil rig. Disgusting because BP has been gleefully engorged on oil profits for the last years.

Engorged and still cost-cutting on this rig which eventually led to this disaster which is well represented by a defenceless wild creature that couldn’t avoid this miserable crude oil which normally would enrich BP and its shareholders but now simply fouls the Gulf and seas east of it right into the currents of the Atlantic Ocean.

Quel desastre! What a mess!

I am especially sadened when I hear the plaint of a female mayor from that part of Louisiana saying that the people in her parish have been hard hit by suspension of off-shore drilling and prays that the White House and  Americans in general should understand that she objects to halting drilling on the off-shore because of the devastating impact of stoppage on their oil based economy. But what about the birds and the beaches and the wild grasses which are being devastated by that awful crude spouting from that gusher one thousand feet down on the sea bed of the Gulf?

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/06/06 at 04:28

Many things are complicated, but complexity seems to be the root of many big issues

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English: Augustus of Prima Porta, statue of th...
Image via Wikipedia

So what is the difference between something that is complicated, like space travel technology and the complexity of so many of the massive issues that bedevil our political leaders. David Segal writes clearly if not very hopefully about this!

While Gibbon seemed to find the cause of the demise of the Roman Empire in its adoption of the Christian faith, analysts today see that the increasing complexity of public affairs led to bankrupting the Empire and then its downfall at the hands of the pagan tribes.

Here is how Segal’s explanation ends much less than hopefully about our present complex issues:

Of course, nobody at Goldman Sachs or any other large financial institution meant to wreck the economy. The United States military didn’t invade Iraq or Afghanistan thinking that one day its efforts would be mounted on a bewildering PowerPoint slide. The engineers who designed the BP oil platform that exploded and sank and produced one of the largest oil spills in history built it with multiple back-up systems.

But complexity has a way of defeating good intentions. As we clean up these messes, there is no point in hoping for a new age of simplicity. The best we can do is hope the solutions are just complicated enough to work.

So the real challenge is whether solutions drawn up with the best of intentions will in fact be complicated enough to work!

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