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Today, I apparently sold the first copy of my Web English!

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Video games for the people
Image by A*A*R*O*N via Flickr

Every selling game has a No 1. The first real sale for real money! And this was my day to get her agreement. The actual sale and delivery of goods will happen next week or the week after. But the commitment seemed to be there.

That is always satisfying especially when I had to struggle to get this version of my course ware completed. It is now 96% complete. I have done it on my own, with sidesteps via Joomla et al. But here I am with a course developed using It’s a winnah!

Yes, I am struggling with this startup in China! Where I go from sale No 1 is not obvious tonight, but the future looms, especially in this country of undeniable big numbers.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/12/05 at 04:51