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Does he fit the CW version of a “Communist”?

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Here’s how James Fallows describes him in a recent issue of The Atlantic:

His office, in one of the more tasteful new glass-walled high-rises in Beijing, itself seems less Chinese than internationally “fusion”-minded in its aesthetic and furnishings. Bonsai trees in large pots, elegant Japanese-looking arrangements of individual smooth stones on display shelves, Chinese and Western financial textbooks behind the desk, with a photo of Martin Luther King Jr. perched among the books. Two very large, very thin desktop monitors read out financial data from around the world. As we spoke, Western classical music played softly from a good sound system.

Gao dressed and acted like a Silicon Valley moneyman rather than one from Wall Street—open-necked tattersall shirt, muted plaid jacket, dark slacks, scuffed walking shoes. Rimless glasses. His father was a Red Army officer who was on the Long March with Mao. As a teenager during the Cultural Revolution, Gao worked on a railroad-building gang and in an ammunition factory. He is 55, fit-looking, with crew-cut hair and a jokey demeanor rather than an air of sternness.

That certainly doesn’t give a real visual impression of a member of the Chinese Communist leaders class. It sounds much more like a con

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ventional executive and national leader, which could be in Canada or the US after putting aside the description of the father’s story.

He embodies CAPITALIST CHINA. Get used to it, America!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2008/12/18 at 06:30