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There are many complaints about inaccuracies propagated via the Web

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To the members of the resistence, killed by Nazis
Image by moacirpdsp via Flickr

And I may have been an unwitting participant to this kind of questionable information about the past. I posted about a collection of images dating from Nazi oocupation time of Paris.

Most of those images showed almost normal Paris scenes with seemingly unthreatened citizenry going about their business in Nazi occupied Paris. It seems that the images have been hotly contested.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/07/06 at 05:34

Health care reform, birthers, violent protests and Hitler talk in the US

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Philippe Pétain, head of the French collaborat...
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Given my own childhood “escape” from Nazi occupied France in 1940, I feel something when media people like Limbaugh start painting Obama, the US President with the Hitler and fascism brush.

I read this blog post with great interest because of it’s title “So you wanna talk about Hitler”. I highly recommend it for the views expressed and the images from Nazi Germany!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/08/09 at 08:13

Grossman vs. Victor Serge

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Soliders at Stalingrad

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I am finishing Unforgiving Years by Victor Serge, a pseudonym.

Inevitably I compare it to Grossman’s Life and Fate. Both authors are Russian. These books are about Russians deeply affected and involved in WW II.

However, Serge’s writing is lyrical about subject matter as abjectly horrific as the other’s. It reads more easily and evokes more emotional connection between the characters in the stories. But the scenery in each is quite different. Grossman writes about Russians at war in Mother Russia, while Serge writes about Russian agents working outside of the motherland but living in great fear of the lethal Stalinist mind running their lives and missions.

Both writers evoke images of state generated fear delivered by two versions of totalitarianism. Not happy scenery or settings for life stories.

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2008/06/07 at 07:46