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End of the Silly Season?

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I have a buddy who suggested to me this morning that the “silly season” is now over. So much for Xmas and New Year’s Eve.

Maybe that notion explains my own “silly season” which seems to be coming to an abrupt but not unpainful end. Sorry for the indirectness of these comments.

One unwelcome thing is happening these days for this user of VPN from a China based surfing laptop. I’m having lots of trouble accessing Twitter and Facebook. Twitter seems harder to access.

This morning I read an interesting essay about the reality of public apathy in Western democracies. The essay begs Americans to begin to protest more publicly and loudly about the fundamental injustice that has grown in the American economy in the wide gap between the wealth of the wealthiest vs. the rest.

One of the triggers for this essay is the obvious popularity of a small book in France written by a 93 yr old WW II hero and former French diplomat Stephane Hessel, “Indignez-vous!” Here is an excerpt:

Hessel’s book argues that French people should re-embrace the values of the French resistance, which have been lost, which was driven by indignation, and French people need to get outraged again.

Right now it seems to me that “Become Indignant” is almost too polite. The injustices in the present global economy are so extreme, in whatever country one considers, that indignation is not enough.

We, the people and unrich, have to find a way to fight this monopoly of power, political and financial, represented by the likes of Goldman Sachs in some real way. Why is it that the Tea Party in the US is supposed to represent public indignation. They suggest that it’s the govt that is wrong and working against the people. That’s just plainly wrong-headed.

Hessel’s thesis strikes me as much more relevant to us all than curiosities like the Tea Party.

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2011/01/05 at 18:49

Believe it or not that’s a Goldman Sachs mural!

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Here it is:

And apparently it’s located at Mural Approximate Location: 200 West St, New York, NY, United States

I kinda really like this kind of arty pop art!

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2010/10/27 at 17:21

Many things are complicated, but complexity seems to be the root of many big issues

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So what is the difference between something that is complicated, like space travel technology and the complexity of so many of the massive issues that bedevil our political leaders. David Segal writes clearly if not very hopefully about this!

While Gibbon seemed to find the cause of the demise of the Roman Empire in its adoption of the Christian faith, analysts today see that the increasing complexity of public affairs led to bankrupting the Empire and then its downfall at the hands of the pagan tribes.

Here is how Segal’s explanation ends much less than hopefully about our present complex issues:

Of course, nobody at Goldman Sachs or any other large financial institution meant to wreck the economy. The United States military didn’t invade Iraq or Afghanistan thinking that one day its efforts would be mounted on a bewildering PowerPoint slide. The engineers who designed the BP oil platform that exploded and sank and produced one of the largest oil spills in history built it with multiple back-up systems.

But complexity has a way of defeating good intentions. As we clean up these messes, there is no point in hoping for a new age of simplicity. The best we can do is hope the solutions are just complicated enough to work.

So the real challenge is whether solutions drawn up with the best of intentions will in fact be complicated enough to work!

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