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Boehner and his public weeping

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Since I’m in China I didn’t know that Boehner went on “60 Minutes” last Sunday and did his usual crying game. There have lots of comments about from columnists like Gail Collins. Even that great celebrity shill, Barbara Walters talked about and not specially flattering terms. Her colleague on the View, Joy Behar, called Boehner “the Weeper of the House”. But I like Tim Egan‘s reflections on this Boehner faux crying game stuff:

For whatever reason, Boehner’s life story never gave him a broader governing vision for the folks he knew in his hometown of Reading, Ohio. When he turns on the waterworks while talking about them, it raises two questions:

Is Boehner crying because he escaped that fate? Or because of the person he has become — a politician whose votes show he couldn’t care less for the people he left behind?

So Republican, so callous, so faux and fundamentally hypocritical. Since US voters, especially those described as independents, seem to favor that crew of callous naysayers, does it mean that significant fractions of Americans would rather support hypocrites and faux representatives of democracy?

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/12/17 at 15:34