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Global warming skeptics, look at this photo of the capital of the Maldives and deny climate change

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While the sources of greenhouse gases are often in the industrial world, consequences often are visible in non-industrial areas. The Indian Ocean nation of Maldives, which is struggling to hold back rising seas, is one such example. The capital Malé, seen here, is one of the world’s most densely populated cities. Nearly 104,000 people are crammed onto an island about a square mile in size.

Maldives has an international airport on Hulhulé Island. The runway is just 6 feet above sea level. At high tide, that can narrow to just 20 inches.

Karumba in The Maldives
Image by Merlin_1 via Flickr
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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/12/05 at 10:16

Is this evidence of the Greens empty promise

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Helsingin Energia 1
Image by melancholic optimist via Flickr

From the Globe and Mail this morning

Eric Reguly

Oil still fuels the green state of Denmark

Something is rotten: Despite wind power, fossil fuels still dominate electricity production

Denmark oozes green.

While Denmark has made considerable progress in moving toward clean energy, it is still tethered to the grubby old carbon world.

In 1990 Denmark’s oil production was 7-million cubic metres (one cubic metre equals 6.3 barrels). Production peaked at 22.6-million cubic metres in 2004. In 2007, the figure was a still-hefty 18.1-million. Natural gas production has doubled since 1990.

Most of the oil and gas is exported. “Denmark’s economic success story is dependent on other nations increasing their carbon-dioxide footprint,” said Aldyen Donnelly, president of Vancouver’s WDA Consulting, a greenhouse-gas emissions management consultancy.


This surely rings an off-key note. Or is this a piece of negative PR and doesn’t give a “bigger picture” story that we should have to understand what Denmark’s real energy picture means to the world!



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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/11/30 at 06:24

Tom Friedman offers an authentic reason to worry about greehouse gases

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Northern Hemisphere of Earth (Lambert Azimutha...Image via Wikipedia

77 degrees 45 minutes N. latitude,

51 degrees 6 minutes W. longitude

Since he is a well known writer of books about the global economy, Friedman gets invited to unique places in the world. After visiting a unique research project involving extracting ice cores of much earlier times on earth, he wrote these words to end his column in today’s NY Times:

In an article just published in the journal Science Express, Dahl-Jensen’s team wrote about how it had discovered from the ice cores that the atmospheric circulation in the Northern Hemisphere over Greenland “changed abruptly” just as the last ice age ended around 11,700 years ago.

It seems to have been driven by a sudden change in monsoons in the tropics. The change was so abrupt that it warmed the Northern Hemisphere over Greenland by 10 degrees Celsius in just 50 years — a dramatic increase.

“It shows that our climate system has the ability to make very abrupt changes all by itself,” said Dahl-Jensen.

Some climate-change deniers would say that this proves that mankind is not important in changing the climate. Climate change experts, like Dahl-Jensen, say it’s not so simple: The climate is always changing, sometimes very abruptly, so the last thing that mankind should be doing is adding its own forcing actions — like pumping unprecedented amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Because you never know — you never know — what will tip the balance and send us hurdling into another abrupt change … and into another era.

Are you still unwilling to change your carbon footprint?

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2008/08/03 at 12:39

Good and practical news from NY Times Science News

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Different types of electromagnetic radiation.Image via Wikipedia

NY Times is full of all kinds of news. In fact, it claims to “print all the news that is fit to print”.

In its Science section NYT publishes the writings of that once wannabe scientist John Tierney. In his latest (7/29) he offers positive information about 10 things you might worry about, whether on vacation or not.

1. Killer hot dogs.

Given the latest results about the positive results of saturated fat diets “If you must worry, focus on the carbs in the bun. But when it comes to the fatty frank — or the fatty anything else on vacation — I’d relax.”

2. Your car’s planet-destroying A/C.

“After doing tests at 65 miles per hour, the mileage experts at report that the aerodynamic drag from opening the windows cancels out any fuel savings from turning off the air-conditioner.”

3. Forbidden fruits from afar.

“Food from other countries is often produced and shipped much more efficiently than domestic food, particularly if the local producers are hauling their wares around in small trucks. One study showed that apples shipped from New Zealand to Britain had a smaller carbon footprint than apples grown and sold in Britain.”

4. Carcinogenic cellphones.

“As my colleague Tara Parker-Pope has noted, there is no known biological mechanism for the phones’ non-ionizing radiation to cause cancer, and epidemiological studies have failed to find consistent links between cancer and cellphones.”

5. Evil plastic bags.

Take it from the Environmental Protection Agency : paper bags are not better for the environment than plastic bags. If anything, the evidence from life-cycle analyses favors plastic bags. They require much less energy — and greenhouse emissions — to manufacture, ship and recycle. They generate less air and water pollution. And they take up much less space in landfills.”

If you want to know about the other 5 items click here!

I guess it’s as true as ever that getting better information is a good antidote to panicking about negative reports from wherever, MSM, the Internet, your favorite radio voice . . .

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2008/07/29 at 07:51