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I can never read enough about Chris Hitchens

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Christopher Hitchens
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I found an excellent long interview essay in The Guardian’s Culture section under the byline of Andrew Anthony.

The better bit that I found and had to reread was this:

Hitchens once wrote a line that has almost gained the status of philosophical epigram or even scientific dictum: “What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.” Although it echoes Wittgenstein‘s famous injunction regarding the ineffable – “Whereof we cannot speak, therefore we must be silent” – Hitchens’s version is less a “no entry” sign than a civic reminder to place rubbish in the bin.

Hitch sure sounds OK in the interview, but who knows in that terribly risky journey through an oesophagul cancer cure!

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2010/11/14 at 08:06

How does Richard Dawkins feel about a deathbed conversion

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His words from a Guardian article:

He seems much more worried about spurious reports of a fictitious deathbed conversion being put about by his enemies after he dies. He is probably not joking at all when he says “I want to make damn sure there’s a tape recorder running for my last words.”

The article makes another interesting point about a campaign to raise funds for an atheistic cause:

On Tuesday, campaigners announced plans for an atheist advertising campaign to appear on the side of buses with the message: “There is probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.” The campaign, which was launched by TV comedy writer Ariane Sherine, blogging on, hoped to raise £5,500 from supporters, which Dawkins had pledged to match with his own money, but by yesterday public donations had already raised more than £96,000.

I have a devilish image of having that kind of campaign in the US!

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