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I guess philosophy is coming back!

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A few days ago I commented here about the connection I found between a Big Think video by Stephen Fry and Bertrand Russell‘s “History of Western Philosophy” . This morning I read a new blog hosted by NY Times, The Stone, that we are promised will offer us regular writings by a variety of philosopher’s curated by Simon Chritchley.

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Chrichley begins the posts with the title “What is a philosopher?” in which he offers this succinct thought:

The freedom of the philosopher consists in either moving freely from topic to topic or simply spending years returning to the same topic out of perplexity, fascination and curiosity.

That thought reminds me of my attitude about a lot that I read on philosophy, history,  religion et al.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/05/16 at 15:55

There are many things I credit my access to the world wide web for

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The History of Western Philosophy
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but I could never have imagined that having it this morning would provide me with a loose connection to Bertrand Russell by way of a video of Stephen Fry discussing his views about philosophy and ipso facto Bertrand Russell. Then this afternoon I was in a imported foods store in Kaifaqu, one of Dalian’s Development Zones. Imagine my  surprise that there I would find one thick paper back copy of Russell’s “The History of Western Philosophy“.

Many years ago I was much younger and felt the need to connect with a mind like Russell’s. One day I bought a beautiful hard cover edition of the same book. That volume was full of color photos, paintings and illustrations, while this one has no illustrations. But this one was inexpensive, which happens to be the case for many excellent English volumes that can be bought in China. That’s a niggly detail, you may think, but it is part of this time in my life in China.

As time goes by I am discovering more than one reason for being in China now. All this wasn’t part of a wisely thought out plan on my part, but the time seems to be ripe for what is happening these days. A lot of what’s happening has to do with the importance of the English language to Chinese people and international business efforts in China, especially their commitment to outsourcing the intelligence and ability of their educated and trained people to the Western World via modern computer based networks and software.

It’s not all a rosy situation. There are many negative things about living in Dalian. But I seem to be doing better this time with the help and support I am getting from my wife Emma.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/05/09 at 04:46