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In my experience only dorks wear this kind of hat

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Given the way I feel about PM Harper, imagine my amazement when I saw a snap of him shaking Hu Jintaos hand with that dorks hat on his head:

harper and hat

President Hu, who obviously is comfortable hatless,  seems to be smiling about the dorks hat, IMHO!

Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/11/16 at 06:55

US-China Report about Oct 1, 2009 celebration

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BEIJING - MARCH 15: (L-R front row) Member of ...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife

I thought this post from US-China today gives a short and wide picture of what the situation is going to be for this Oct 1, 2009 celebration of the creation of the present country of China.

Security has tightened in Beijing as the entire country prepares for its 60th anniversary celebration. The country has taken many precautionary steps toward preventing possible distractions during the festivities. Numerous roadblocks have been set up all around Beijing for security checks, hundreds of volunteers were employed to take on surveillance operations, and soldiers are often seen patrolling the city. Interestingly enough, security in Beijing is much tighter now than during last year’s 2008 Olympics.

As in the past, Tiananmen will serve as the focal point of this year’s celebration. Hu Jintao will give a keynote speech commemorating China’s anniversary, and a massive parade, with an estimated 200,000 volunteers and 60 floats, will march through the city.

However, in order to prepare for such a grand event, many volunteers and students have made great sacrifices. Many students were furious after learning that their summer plans would change, as Beijing instituted mandatory drills for Beijing students. These drills consisted of 2-3 hour daily activities and lasted for the majority of the summer.

Although students were not fond of these impromptu drills, there is still a fervent respect and admiration for the leaders of China. With a Facebook fan page of over 100,000 fans, Wen Jiabao—also known as Grandpa Wen—is respected and liked among Chinese citizens in a way unlike any of his predecessors. In a recent article entitled “Wen to be Loved?”, we explored this relationship between Wen Jiabao and China’s youth.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/08/28 at 06:08

India vs. China – how each deal with human misery caused by large scale disasters

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When I consider the obvious misery of ordinary Indians in Northern India suffering privation, no water or food for several days, and minimal physical efforts from their government to move them for the disaster zone as well as the miserable situation once they reach “dry land”, I can’t help comparing their fate to what happened in earthquake devastated Sichuan a few months ago.

Heavy rain stalls Indian flood relief | World news | The Guardian-1.jpg

Both countries have their share of ultra wealthy resulting from their economic expansions. But India is obviously still mired in government inefficiency and inability to help its most momentarily deprived citizens. Neither its government nor its middle class seem to be ready to rescue their fellow citizens in a timely and meaningful way.

China was able, even during the few months running up to the Olympics to keep its eye on both situations and move resources ASAP to help its citizens deal with physical, economic and social calamities.

India is still a desperately backward country, which is ready to spend scarce resources on conflict with Pakistan, but manifestly unable to help its own people in time with anything but the skimpiest resources and bare bones rescue infrastructure. The political leaders of India have time to negotiate nuclear deals with the USA, but seemingly little time to deal with natural disaster in its own country. Contrast that with the leadership behavior of Hu JinTao and Wen JiBao during the aftermath of the Sichuan earthquake.

This link provides a profile of eye-popping infrastructure in China today and outlines other projects underway and contemplated. This is another useful point of comparison between the two countries, India with inadequate and decaying assets vs. China going from improvement to greater improvement.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2008/09/01 at 13:37

Olympic competition vs. military invasion

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PLA recruit training.Image via Wikipedia

I have yet to see any useful commentary about the visible and moral differences between the methods of Hu Jintao and Putin. Both are nationalists and the former purportedly has a bigger military machine. But Putin has a well earned reputation for international bullying while it is evident that Hu of China seems to practice diplomacy and capitalism leaving more room for competitors.

Most of all I would like to read some recognition that the so-called authoritarian “Communist China” has been the least aggressive of all great world powers over the last 20+ years.

During the last two weeks, while world class athletes have been competing in Beijing, the brutal and sudden violence of Russian military actions in Ossetia, Abkahzia and Georgia and generally bullying posture of the Russian Government and military high command vs. all of its neighbouring countries, and its European energy customers, cannot but strike a harsh contrast with the words and actions of the “Communist Chinese” government not only during the last few years but since Chairman Mao and his regime was put to rest.

Hu speaks about harmonious growth and most of his political actions have been the direct opposite of those taken by the US and now Russia. In my humble view China practices civilized international politics and shows exemplary restraint in its relations with almost all of its neighbouring states. Clearly it is an aggressive but generally benign player in international politics. Contrast that with the words and actions of either Bush or Putin during the last 8 years.

In my humble opinion China has been the most effective practitioner of the Teddy Roosevelt dictum “Speak and walk softly but carry a big stick!” or words the that effect.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2008/08/18 at 10:17

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NYT headline “Hu Says China Stands By Games Pledges, Web Curbs Lifted”

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President George W. Bush shakes hands with Pre...Image via Wikipedia

Could it be that Mr. Hu-Jin Tao listens more, and is willing to act, than more than one Western leader?

But then who believes what politicians say!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2008/08/01 at 05:17