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Why is the Toronto media seemingly ready to praise Harper

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Vancouver Sun Writes About Our Trip to China
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It is no secret that I have little time to praise for our PM. I find his politics self-serving and divisive. He shines dully mostly because his competition is so poor and seemingly ineffective.

But I don’t understand why a well paid journalist for a national newspaper makes a headline that strives to paint a glowing picture of Harper’s long delayed trip to China. Ibbotson in yesterdays G&M ledes:

Scoring in China – without prostituting ourselves

Does Ibbotson mean that former PMs who travelled to China were less than pristine? Or that Harper, the holier than thou PM, is a nice change from his Liberal predecessors?

Whatever his meaning, Ibbotson’s whole story smacks of polishing Harper’s image. Is that news reporting, or just making a dull and unimaginative Harper look more like an effective representative of Canada and its interests in Asia. The tone is demeaning and unworthy!

I would have headed my article with “Too little, too late” or “He didn’t have the imagination to do otherwise”. As Michael Ignatieff has said before Harper found a way to weasel word his way through his China outings to represent “human rights” while not compromising his China-Canada trade objectives. What a sorry spectacle!

I deplore the position taken by Ibbotson and submit that the G&M should practice more objective journalism, or declare that they are into infomercialism!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/12/06 at 09:45

Obama’s Common Ground policy criticized

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The New Republic
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From The New Republic:

(The demotion of human rights by the common ground presidency is absolutely incomprehensible. The common ground is not always the high ground.) When it is without end, moreover, the search for common ground is bad for bargaining. It informs the other side that what you most desire is the deal–that you will never acknowledge the finality of difference, and never be satisfied with the integrity of opposition. There is a reason that “uncompromising” is a term of approbation. As for the “decent respect to the opinions of mankind” in the Declaration of Independence, it is a call for courtesy, not a call for agreement. Where there is no common ground, the common ground man is useless. It is just him and his halo.

Leon Wieseltier is the literary editor of The New Republic.

It seems to me that a President can give ground on this kind of political principle without giving in, as long as the economy gets better and more unemployed find jobs more readily.

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Bombardier wins $4-billion train contract in China

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Prime Minister of Canada
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Deal is to supply 80 high-speed trains to China

I think now I understand better why our Prime Minister is being very circumspect about his Dalai Lama connection. Canadian business must come before human rights, even for a hard-ass Tory PM.

But no fooling this is a big deal for Canada and Bombardier, who seem to have found the key to doing business in China.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/09/28 at 06:16

5 Blackwater mercenaries indicted

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Erik Prince, Blackwater founder and owner
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Well the other shoe fell, later but better than never. Here’s the link and the excerpt from AP News:

WASHINGTON – Wild, unprovoked gunfire and grenades killed 14 innocent Iraqis and hurt dozens more in a 2007 Baghdad attack, prosecutors said Monday in announcing charges with mandatory 30-year prison terms against five Blackwater Worldwide security guards.

The Justice Department called the shooting a shocking and devastating violation of human

Former Blackwate...
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rights. The harsh words echoed the outrage of Iraqis, who have waited more than a year to see how the U.S. would respond to the shooting on a busy street in the Iraqi capital.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2008/12/11 at 08:26