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My kind of serendipity – from cleavage to nipples

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My recent post about Bettie Paige, the apparent first bikini babe in the US of A, has gotten more viewership during the last week or so than Napoleon and his Industrial Warfare Principle. So maybe I can push this change along by posting about “nipple exposure”. Here’s how Time Magazine describes the latest prohibitions re nipple exposure.

On the one hand there is Jean Vanier reminding us that caring for the most vulnerable among us draws us together better than booze or sex. But in the good old US of A people like Barb Walters are “uncomfortable” when an actively nursing mother sits next to her!!!!!!!!!

Maybe higher order vulnerability is good, except when the rules of prurience are offended!

Which ever way you look at it, or not, there are many worse things than nipple exposure, specially nipples being used for feeding. And isn’t it a fact that the Nature Programs on TV abound with nursing scenes that we all go googoo over!

If it quacks like hypocrisy and sounds like it then it must be HYPOCRISY!

BTW here is the most complete record about Bettie Page I could find on the ‘Net.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2008/12/31 at 08:06