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Jet lag in Dalian

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Dalian birdview
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A few idle thoughts about living in China

One of the odd aspects of jet lag or changing hemispheres is that certain body cycles take a while to adjust to the new circadian cycle, which in my case, flying from Vancouver to Dalian, China, is about 15 hours lag. I am finding that my bowel cycles tend to wake me on Vancouver time or at about 3:00AM Dalian time. Not convenient! But that’s life in this jet age.

Another interesting thing is that they sell excellent grape tomatoes here and Jonagold apples. Also, bananas from the Philipines are plentyful and cheap. Seafood is also freely available but the better stuff is pricier.

Another small quirk about restaurants in Dalian is that tea is not always hot enough for me. In fact, I have to ask Yuan to make tea at meal times or just for refreshment. She does not automatically make lots of tea. But lots of local beer is consumed by men in China. Women do not enough sip the suds!!

One thing almost all Chinese men do everywhere, or almost is smoke. The Web cafes are especially smoky dens of nicotine excess. The funny thing is that expensive prostitutes sitting in 5 star hotel bars also smoke. In fact, it is rare to see a woman smoking in China.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2004/10/22 at 16:43