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An older person who is setting an example for me, I hope!

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She is the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire and has a great look in her 90th year:

To me she looks so simply elegant and normal that I find posting about her after the KK cover is somehow right and resets the balance for my web site.  Needless to say I admire everything I hear and read about Debo,  her nickname. She is a truly cultured person who has done some extraordinary things in spite of being an aristocrat in a democratic age and carried it all off with deliberate charm and simplicity, or so I imagine it was. Her family connections extend to JFK so there has to be something special about her.

I will come back here and post more about my own feelings about taking her as an example for my own modest life.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/11/06 at 14:43

On this day in 1963, JFK’s body was laid to rest in Arlington Cemetery

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I remember that day 44 years ago since it was a Sunday and I spent a lot of the day watching the black and white TV report of the public ceremony. The event lasted several hours and was the only thing being broadcast that somber day.

I was living with my family and first wife in Ste-Foy QC. My wife was pregnant with our third child. Daniel would be born on March 24, 1964 at the Jeffrey Hale Hospital in Quebec City.

Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2007/11/25 at 08:04

Nov 23, 1963 and I was living in Quebec City

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It was in 1963 (November 23rd) that assassination in Dallas Texas ended the promising (or so it seemed at the time) presidency of JF Kennedy.


Revelations since then about his voracious sexual appetite and seeming disregard for the eventual impact of possible scandal on his political future, have dimmed my image of him.

In retrospect it is evident that he was clearly a deeply conflicted man. The popular image of his public and healthy virility and apparent keen sense of what was right seems so wrong and foolish now. A facade of brilliance and attractiveness kept from us the real story of a private man who indulged in dangerous behaviour and had a visceral disregard for accepted morals.

It is especially ironic that another deeply flawed public figure, J. Edgar Hoover, used the investigative resources of the FBI to blackmail the Attorney General of that time, JFK’s mercurial brother Robert, to extend his tenure as Director of that agency.

All human beings carry within them flaws and contradictions that cause them to do things that lead eventually to the sad conclusion that holders of great public office are too often partly good and partly bad. Some are seen by historians as evil men, although their public careers were marked by “heroic periods”.

Of recent memory are Hitler, Stalin and Mao. Then there are other men like Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein. African political leaders from Liberia, Congo, Rwanda, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Angola and Zimbabwe also qualify in the historical record of men who caused brutal violence to their own peoples and neighbours.

No women leaders here though! In most cases where women figure in the historical record they are usually associated with the establishment of public order and peace.

Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2007/11/24 at 12:50