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American culture is dumb and dumber

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Charles Darwin.
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Today there is going to be a mad stampede in most large cities as American nitwits apparently want to get a copy of Dan Brown‘s latest trash lit, The Last Symbol.

But apparently no US distributor is interested in distribution rights to “Creation” a film biography of Charles Darwin. American cultural sensibilities, which deal with guns in public and covert and overt racism toward their President, can’t deal with the story of Charles Darwin. The crassness of this makes me want to puke literally. I wonder does that mean that I won’t get to see that film?

Dan Brown’s trash lit along with JK Rowling‘s is fine, but real people and an authentic story about a renowned scientist are just too “controversial”. Sometimes I lose all hope about a better and freer tomorrow when a key part of Western civilization is dominated by childish fantasy. For F..ks sake get over it. Evolution is approved by the Vatican and 99% of the cardinals and bishops. But Dan Brown’s trash lit is not~

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/09/14 at 07:40