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Doesn’t the face say it all, to those who hate him and support him?

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How can you not be intrigued by the look of max effort, a long record of world class achievement and overcoming testicular cancer at the beginning of his career?

To me this image is AWESOME and the guy is in more ways then one!

So the negative press campaign focused on Lance Armstrong being led by Juliet Macur in the NY Times Sports section gets my attention, big time!

I give her credit in her latest item for mentioning the pros and cons, but the negative beat can’t be ignored. I wonder what it is really about? Does she really want “the news and all that is fit to print” or is she just pursuing a chimera of her own making?

However, you see it the LANCE is AWESOME and Juliet is just a reporter seeking a negative scoop!

American cyclist Lance Armstrong giving a talk...
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But the more she writes in this vein the more she confirms to me that there is no smoking needle! To me she seems to be another version of all those “fair and balanced” reporters who don’t have much to say about all those ‘mericans who think Obama, their sitting President, is a Muslim and a secret one at that!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/08/21 at 13:33