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“A Language of Smiles” by Olivia Judson

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Photographs from the 1862 book Mécanisme de la...
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This lady has a way of turning my crank with her thoroughly bibliographed articles in NY Times. The latest is definitely a keeper. It’s about a possible connection between facial expressions related to speaking different languages and happiness triggers. How can you not like that kind of research?

Olivia Judson does a facility for seeing animal characteristics in ways that few science writers do. It’s part biology, microbiology, evo-devo and . . .

And her writing is direct and pithy and teasing. Just the way for an interesting woman to be!


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2009/10/28 at 06:39

June 1959 input device

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This case design housed the iMac G5s and the early Intel iMacs. Earlier revisions excluded the integrated iSight camera above the screen.

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When I joined IBM Canada Ltd. to train as a Sales Assistant in June 1959, the first thing I learned about was the unit record or IBM punch card, 80 columns and 13 rows. Then I learned how to use the 026 key punch to create unit records, which I learned were how input was prepared to get programs and data into computers then.

Today I use an iMac with Intel Duo core, cordless mouse and cordless keyboard. What a difference in 49+ years. Yes I am an old geezer!

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