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Contrasting images of athletes

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First is Rafa,  who this year definitely looks like he is a big winner. But this image snapped on the Wimbledon Center Court after he defeated Andy Murray in straight sets looks more like “prostration in defeat”:

Rafa is ever the gentle man in a gentlemen’s sport. He suggested that Murray would go on to win a major tennis title because he was that good, even if Rafa had just beaten him in 3 straight sets in the Gentlemen’s semifinal match.

Then there is another image of a notorious cyclist with is partner preparing for the first day of the Tour de France 2010 in Rotterdam. I say notorious because both men are the objects of ongoing investigation of doping allegations. The image here shous the determination and muscle power of an aging athlete.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/07/02 at 17:14