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China’s borderlands are gigantic!

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DANDONG, CHINA - FEBRUARY 26:  Workers rest ne...
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Global Post had an excellent but too short piece this morning about China’s borderlands and here’s an excerpt:

In short, China’s most delicate and dicey challenges are often seen most dramatically on its borders. In the regions where China meets the rest of the world, its own ethnic lines are blurred by intense concentrations of minority populations, sometimes dominating whole provinces like Xinjiang, Tibet, Inner Mongolia and Manchuria. Many of these regions have broken away from Chinese control throughout history. Today the borders are strong, but the 14 countries that frame China couldn’t be more different, from Pakistan to North Korea and Mongolia to Myanmar.

It’s no small challenge for China, which, with 13,743 miles of international borders, has more borderlands than any other country in the world.

Based on what I read in public print China does a much  better job than the US does with on its border with Mexico. Here is a small photo illustrating what China has to deal with on its borders with North Korea:

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/10/27 at 17:48

1931, Sep 18 the Mukden Incident which started WW II in Manchuria

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The image below is one of a set of brilliant photography by Big Picture, my all time favorite source of excellent and memorable images. It shows the current state circa 2010 of the monument in Shenyang memorializing the Mukden Incident which was the first action of WW II in SE Asia:

This was the flash point in Manchuria which lit into a savage Sino-Japanese conflict which is still ill-remembered in China, 79 years after that event.

Update 2010/11/17

I travelled to Shenyang by train two weeks ago. The day was overcast in Dalian, but our air seemed clear enough. I can’t say as much for the air within 100 kms of Shenyang (the city of Anshan) and in Shenyang. Dark, foul looking and not a pretty site!

Is that bad air a relic of Shenyang’s heavy industry past, or just a continuation of a malign and ghostly Japanese presence? The last time I flew into Narita Airport, this past February, its air looked and smelt clean. So what is it about Shenyang? I guess it’s just dirty Chinese industry!

Japanese troops entering Shenyang, China durin...
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Soldiers of Imperial Japanese Army leaving Oka...
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My goodness, my wife was born in 1964 in Dalian, China

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President Truman signs the National Security A...

Image via Wikipedia

Thx to Danwei, here is a link to a propaganda film that kinda puts the whole US – China situation today into backward looking context.

Oooooooooohhhhh! What scary pictures they drew in those grim Cold War days!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

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