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I like to portray myself as an agnostic, a rational doubter

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Charles Darwin
Cover of Charles Darwin

Today I learned that if that’s really what I am, then I belong to a reputable cohort of serious and estimable people, to wit: Confucius, Socrates, Jesus, Wang Ch’ung, Hypatia, Maimonides, Galileo, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Charles Darwin, Marie Curie, Emily Dickinson, Ludwig Wittgenstein, and Margaret Sanger – who drove history forward by challenging the powers and conventional wisdom.

The one big surprise in that list Jesus. I wonder if he doubted his God the Father, or the Holy Ghost, or just the whole RC religion thing!

Fancy my being any part of that set, even if only in my own mind! This I learned by reading the book note in Google online Bookstore for Jennifer Michael Hect’s DOUBT!

So Google Book Store has done more for me in a few short minutes than stores where I have browsed the minutes and even hours away! I’m going to spend time there, not every day but maybe every other other day!

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