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How a “tweet” led me to an valuable article source

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Since this all worked so neatly for me, I thought is was worthwhile leaving a record of my own www experience.

I “follow” Winsom Tang on Twitter. He posted, from Digg, a link in Digg to an article by Matthew Ingram a respected Social Network pundit about “Linkedin vs. Facebook: Professional vs. Personal in the Identity Wars. This is a subject I have been curious about because of many posts I have seen in Linkedin lately about service upgrades.

Digg is a useful www aggregator since it tends to crawl sites like GigaOM, the source of the Ingram post. Digg provides a convenient icon link for a direct posting on Twitter. In this case Digg is an intermediary, Twitter the alerting gadget and GigaOM the article source.

Browsing a  bit around Digg I found this sweet YouTube with good music, good scenery and some entertaining trick bike riding!

I also found a link to this map of Facebook friendship connections! Guess what there are no Facebook friendship connections in China, or Central Africa!

Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2011/04/07 at 14:38