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Why is the Toronto media seemingly ready to praise Harper

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Vancouver Sun Writes About Our Trip to China
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It is no secret that I have little time to praise for our PM. I find his politics self-serving and divisive. He shines dully mostly because his competition is so poor and seemingly ineffective.

But I don’t understand why a well paid journalist for a national newspaper makes a headline that strives to paint a glowing picture of Harper’s long delayed trip to China. Ibbotson in yesterdays G&M ledes:

Scoring in China – without prostituting ourselves

Does Ibbotson mean that former PMs who travelled to China were less than pristine? Or that Harper, the holier than thou PM, is a nice change from his Liberal predecessors?

Whatever his meaning, Ibbotson’s whole story smacks of polishing Harper’s image. Is that news reporting, or just making a dull and unimaginative Harper look more like an effective representative of Canada and its interests in Asia. The tone is demeaning and unworthy!

I would have headed my article with “Too little, too late” or “He didn’t have the imagination to do otherwise”. As Michael Ignatieff has said before Harper found a way to weasel word his way through his China outings to represent “human rights” while not compromising his China-Canada trade objectives. What a sorry spectacle!

I deplore the position taken by Ibbotson and submit that the G&M should practice more objective journalism, or declare that they are into infomercialism!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/12/06 at 09:45