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A fresh pic of yours truly & a Win 7 RANT!

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This was snapped by my wife in a Chinese resto behind our home in Dalian:

What a fine looking 75 year old, even if I say it myself!

Now that I have praised my look, I can unload on Win 7 and it’s application ware. Why did I ever abandon Macs? Beats the hell out of me! Win 7 and its app sphere is a piece of junk now and will always be. It is a perfect reflection of the wrong headedness of Gates and Ballmer. They will never get IT, like Steve does!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/11/11 at 17:15

I and a friend are being victimized by E W

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Ethnolinguistic groups of China.
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I am not going to copy in the venomous words being used. Suffice to say that it is a pleasant experience being victimized by an anonymous and malign individual or individuals in China. Somehow Wen Yuan has enlisted these Chinese trash talkers and now they  are victimizing the company my friend works for.

This is mind control at its worst.

This is a feeble protest but I will post it to Danwei, a China based blog and other blogs today to see if I can find a counter reaction to this evil harassement.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/09/28 at 16:13

And now a cautionary tale about Win 7 platforms China style

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The current logo of Microsoft Windows, the com...
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Until a few months ago I was a long term user of OS/X platforms, read iMacs. Then I came to Dalian and had to get a ‘puter. Lo and behold this long term Macaholic converted to an Acer laptop with a Win 7 English version that was ghosted in by a Chinese tech in less than 90 minutes.

The main reason for this purchase was an ultrawide delta in price between this laptop and the cheapest iMac, like 250%. The iMac was lovely with its 21inch screen but at about $1,400 vs. $550 CDN for the Win 7 platform lovely was just too expensive. So I became a Win 7 platform user.

Last night I had one of those horrible Windows experiences with nothing seeming to work. It was all about an HP printer not registering “online” but persistingly being “offline”. Impossible to detect why. This morning things are back to normal with printer behaving. I still don’t know how things seemed to get fixed between multiple “Restarts” a download of a printer driver from the HP website and finally a reload of the HP software CD which never seemed to come to a normal halt. This morning I rebooted, selected an alternate printer in the Word 2010 app and lo it printed. I HATE WINDOWS is that clear enough Microsoft.

Of course I musn’t forget what my Win 7 platform was ghosted so it ain’t strictly legal, especially since it cost me ZIP. So I guess beggars can’t be complainers or something like that.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/07/21 at 15:14

I can’t imagine any CEO saying the truth so clearly about it’s biggest competitor

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Steve Jobs at the WWDC 07
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but Steve Jobs said it openly and as usually he said it eloquently:

The trouble with Microsoft is they have no taste. They have no taste and I don’t mean that in a small way, I mean that in a big way.

Steve Jobs 1996

IMHO it was true then and it’s truer than ever. But Gates is a lot richer on paper than Jobs and that’s a fact!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/12/13 at 01:10

Microsoft’s latest financial results were negative

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John Hodgman as PC and Justin Long as Mac
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I’m an iMac user or more importantly I’m a Mac OS/X user. Sometimes I have to help my wife sort some things out on her Vista platform and the experience always convinces me that I never want to use a Windows platform ever again no matter how much cheaper it is.

So I was intrigued by this blogpost by Jon Gruber that was mentioned in the NY Times:

Microsoft is no longer ignoring Apple’s market share gains and successful “Get a Mac” ad campaign. But the crux of these ads from Apple is that Macs are better; Microsoft’s response is a message that everyone already knows — that Windows PCs are cheaper. Their marketing and retail executives publicly espouse the opinion that, now that everyone sees Apple computers as cool, Microsoft has Apple right where they want them.

They’re a software company whose primary platform no longer appeals to people who like computers the most. Their executives are either in denial of, or do not perceive, that there has emerged a consensus — not just among nerds but among a growing number of regular just-plain users — that Windows PCs are second-rate. They still dominate in terms of unit-sale market share, yes, but not because people don’t recognize Windows as second-rate, but because they don’t care, in the same way millions of people buy metric tons of second-rate products from Wal-Mart every hour of every day.

That’s the business Wal-Mart wants to be in — selling a zillion cheap low-margin items and turning a profit on volume. That’s not the business Microsoft is in.

And in mobile software, the fastest-growing segment of the computer industry, Microsoft’s platform is both inferior and unpopular. Their plan to address this is to change its name.

I’m not arguing that Microsoft will collapse. They’re too big, too established for that to happen. I simply think that their results this quarter were not an aberration, but rather the first fiscal evidence of a long, slow decline that began several years ago.

I’ve always thought that this day would come about. Is it really here? Is Microsoft Windows really in a long term decline? Does it matter to the world? To me? To Microsoft shareholders?

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/08/01 at 05:16

The heavy hand of Microsoft

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In my mind it begins with the image of Steve Ballmer heaving chairs, which is either a myth or too true to type. Then there are those ads that now maintain the a desirable PC is all about size of RAM, Hard Drive et al. Now there is the new ad for IE 8.0 and it reeks of fear-mongering to a ditzy female PC user who appears stupid and half mad.

Is it just me or does MSFT today act like GM did for the last 50some years!

There are companies that pay attention to unproductive methods/attitudes and remake their image, like IBM. And others that do the right thing naturally ala Apple and Google.

And then there is Microsoft big and bad!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/06/12 at 08:12

Even if he is a bit less rich now Ballmer still sounds like a resentful and rich softie …

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Image representing Windows as depicted in Crun...
Image via CrunchBase

just doesn’t get it, just like the PC character in the Apple Mac ads. See below and click here:

January 7, 2009, 9:30 pm <!– — Updated: 10:54 am –>

Ballmer: Windows Is Still Relevant

Steven A. Ballmer, Microsoft’s chief executive at C.E.S. Wednesday. (Credit: Robyn Beck/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images)

Steven A. Ballmer, Microsoft’s chief executive, began the year of Windows 7 Wednesday night at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

International Consumer Electronics Show

After a tepid response to Windows Vista, which was introduced just two years ago, Microsoft wants to assert that a new version of Windows is something computer users should get excited about. Mr. Ballmer announced that a beta, or test, version of the new operating system will be available to the public this Friday. (It will be at The final release is still nearly a year away.

These days I am an active user of OS/X 10.5, XP home and sometimes even Vista. But the only OS’s that I like using are OS/X and Google anything. Poor rich and whiney softies seem to be looking for some kind of gentle understanding.

Oh, Win 7 should be great, you wish!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/01/08 at 08:16