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Ben Weider, businessman, bodybuilder and Napoleon scholar, dies age 85

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Equestrian statue of Napoleon at Cherbourg

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He was best known as founder and owner of a global enterprise involved in body building that made Ahhnold S famous.

He was also founder and long time president of the International Napoleonic Society. Here is a part of his obituary from the Globe and Mail (Mop and Pail):

Mr. Weider also applied his powers of persuasion to get the French to revise their thinking about one of their most revered figures, Napoleon. Mr. Weider, regarded as a Napoleonic scholar, posited that Napoleon had been poisoned by one of his own countrymen rather than dying of stomach cancer as was widely believed.

He spent three decades trying to prove his theory. Instead of responding with outrage, France bestowed upon Mr. Weider its highest tribute, the Legion of Honour. His 1982 book, The Murder of Napoleon, co-authored with David Hapgood, became a bestseller and sold in 45 languages.

In a poignant twist, Mr. Weider will miss a moment in his hometown’s spotlight. This Thursday at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, he was to attend the unveiling of a priceless collection of rare Napoleon artifacts, including the emperor’s signature bicorn hat, that Mr. Weider donated from his personal collection. They will be on display free in the museum’s permanent collection.

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2008/10/20 at 07:48

Juan Cole & his Napoleon connection

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Photo of Juan Cole

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Juan Cole has been and is recognized for the quality of his blogging about Iraq and the Middle East. Today I discovered that unsurprisingly he has a Napoleon connection. This is not surprising to me because Napoleon led an exceptional expedition to Egypt in the late 1790s.

A post of mine about a year ago still gets most daily views of any of my posts. So for all those Napoleon viewers here is another Internet connection which is clearly high quality for its content and suggested links to other Napoleon sites.

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