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morality vs Christian faith

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Natural law of morality and Christian faith in politics

The following appeared in the NY Times of Aug 21, 2004:
Advocating, in effect, a very loose version of “natural law,” a tradition historically associated with his Roman Catholicism, Mr. Cuomo (Mario, former Governor of NY State) spelled out two moral principles that he asserted “would occur to us if we were only 500,000 people on an island without books, without education, without rabbis or priests or history, and we had to figure out who and what we were.” These two principles – respect for one another and collaborative improvement of the world – nicely captured Americans’ perpetually competing concerns for individual freedom and for community, he said, and “are shared by most if not all our nation’s religions.”

To which Mr. Souder, a conservative Republican from Indiana and an evangelical Protestant according to himself, replied that “the notion of a natural law common to all religions” was a particular worldview itself, and one at odds with his Christian faith.

“I cannot relate to the idea of a generic, natural law God,” he said. “My God is a particularly Christian God.” Moreover, Mr. Souder questioned whether all religions really had “a common denominator that is workable in the American political system.”

It seems to me that the gap illustrated above, some might say intellectual, others moral and others again political, is symptomatic of the main issue that I have with the current version of politics USA version. It is a divisive and excluding version of politics.

It hastens to suggest that it is compassionate, but then acts in an excluding and disparaging way by emphasizing the we-they split of the world. Put another way: you�re with us or against us and if the latter then we will smash you wherever you are and whoever you are�. This is where I see that they practice Christian values by word and not by moral action and thought!! It�s an egregious form of political hypocrisy that completely ignores humanistic values and authentic Christian practices/actions!!

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