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What a funny day this has been!

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It started with me tearing after seeing my current real hero, Christopher Hitchens, being interviewed quite sympathetically by Jeremy Paxman.

How come so many interviews in the UK seem so civilized while those in North America seem either pandering or aggressive? I think that is one way of defining the cultural divide between the UK and North America.

It used to be Alistair Cooke who personified that divide. Of course, Hitchens has been living in the US for about 30 years now so he crossed the divide in many ways long ago.

Now it seems likely that he will die in the US and that will be another curiosity about that divide. The fact is that Hitch sounds so British and so civilized so I would have expected that he would choose to die nearer his home turf somewhere on that “blessed Isle” but he prefers to live in America and made that choice of his own volition those 30 years ago.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/12/05 at 09:02