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China’s borderlands are gigantic!

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DANDONG, CHINA - FEBRUARY 26:  Workers rest ne...
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Global Post had an excellent but too short piece this morning about China’s borderlands and here’s an excerpt:

In short, China’s most delicate and dicey challenges are often seen most dramatically on its borders. In the regions where China meets the rest of the world, its own ethnic lines are blurred by intense concentrations of minority populations, sometimes dominating whole provinces like Xinjiang, Tibet, Inner Mongolia and Manchuria. Many of these regions have broken away from Chinese control throughout history. Today the borders are strong, but the 14 countries that frame China couldn’t be more different, from Pakistan to North Korea and Mongolia to Myanmar.

It’s no small challenge for China, which, with 13,743 miles of international borders, has more borderlands than any other country in the world.

Based on what I read in public print China does a much  better job than the US does with on its border with Mexico. Here is a small photo illustrating what China has to deal with on its borders with North Korea:

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2010/10/27 at 17:48

I like Wordles, especially when they are about politics and war

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Here’s the latest I found about the Afghan-Pakistan thingee:

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2010/07/30 at 20:22

Afghanistan! What about Pashtunistan?

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Remarks of President Barack Obama—As Prepared ...
Image by allaboutgeorge via Flickr

Check out this NY Times enhanced map. Pashtunistan is in the upper left, but the rest of the map is very informative also. The war in Afgha-Pak-istan is multi-dimensional and the US is operating in other dimensions besides sending 30,000 more armed soldiers to Afghanistan. They are using drones and covert forces in parts of Pakistan in secret ops! It just gets messier and messier. What war, what country, what goal, how will it end, if ever?

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2009/12/06 at 08:40

Well the blood is not all washed away in Mumbai and

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Mumbai ...

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

the accusations are flying. There was a heavy security lockdown up to a few days before the attack of last Thursday, but for unexplained reasons that lockdown was taken down. Now government ministers are resigning, recriminations flying ever lower and dirtier, general weeping and gnashing of teeth. The next step in that ramshackle democracy is to have large, noisy, bloody riots with all against all, I guess.

India is a mess of a country. The attack and long drawn out fight to eliminate the attackers in Mumbai proves beyond a shadow of doubt that there is a fundamental weakness in Indian governance.

Oh, it has a certain charm to it, like the mixture of feces and spices that apparently permeates most of the country. The scenes on TV seemed comical. Short security men with long guns, crouching, lying, standing, running and firing but ducking as they fired. What a comical scene, but murderous comedy for those Indians who were mercilously mowed down.

So where will the blame finally land! It belongs in Mumbai and Delhi. The Indians did this to themselves and it’s up to them to sort it all out without recourse to the old struggle with Pakistan and nearly every one of its neighbours.

The land of slumdog millionaires!

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2008/11/30 at 19:40

Latest news about K-2 mountaineering accident

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Check out this Time Magazine link for grittier information!

And then the usual NY Times link for most complete report and an interactive graphic.

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2008/08/06 at 05:58