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Ideas that are just plain crazy!

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Powell’s Books offers a review of a recent A. C. Grayling book titled “Ideas that matter”. The review includes this quote from the words of Grayling about an idea that matters to Grayling:

Regarding slavery, he notes that “in the West every week people unknowingly touch something wholly or partly made by forced labour in China’s huge gulag of prison camps where millions are incarcerated… Despite the importance of forced labour to China’s economy, the international community chooses to ignore its existence.”

It’s difficult to imagine a big idea that is crazier! And it’s published and the reviewer, Justin E A Busch prefaces the above quote thusly:

When Grayling’s rhetoric is controlled, though, he makes important points with great verve and power.

A negative fantasy about China’s economy is considered an “important point”.

Who is more lunatic here, Grayling, his reviewer, or Powell’s Books who post this nonsense on their books blog? I vote for all three!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/10/11 at 13:00

I sometimes kid my wife about her “immodest” need to pose

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Sarah Palin isn’t only an immodest poser in the image below she looks like what she really is: a money grubbing ditzy babe!

She used to dress carefully. Now that she seems to be “in the money” that careful image has been replaced by this brassy, bejeweled, somewhat tawdry babe! Is that the image of a Presidential candidate or just some babe doing her thang out there for the folks!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/08/18 at 15:08

From News Trust to Nick Carr and Innocent Fraud

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John Kenneth Galbraith, Canadian-American econ...
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WWW is such a rich and connected space. I subcribe to an emailing of news aggregated by the News Trust. I began this subscription because they offered to aggregate from a variety of sources including the blogosphere. And this morning they connected me to Nick Carr.

The first connection was whether our use of the web was a form of “addiction” or rather a simple dependency along with all the dependencies we have built up with all the technology we use every without thinking about it much until one day it doesn’t work.

Because I used to like to peruse Carr’s blog stuff, I peaked into his PoP Posts. or whatever he calls that list in this blog and found a post about “innocent fraud” which is a term coined by JK Galbraith, a giant in economics and writing about that and politics. JKG’s last written opus is titled “The Economics of Innocent Fraud”.

The simple example of  innocent fraud is how MSM has accepted the term “The Market Economy” as a more palatable substitute for “Capitalism“. This substitution helps we consumers swallow the lie that the economy is influenced primarily by us, the consumers of the products of the Market Economy. Just an innocent fraud and not a black lie. Nick Carr goes on to comment about the blogosphere that he is a visible part of:

What we tell ourselves about the blogosphere – that it’s open and democratic and egalitarian, that it stands in contrast and in opposition to the controlled and controlling mass media – is an innocent fraud.

So I checked out the Amazon listing of Galbraith’s book. Thus the connected space of the blogosphere, for me this morning reading and blogging in Dalian, China, which is on the coast of the Yellow Sea!

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This has been an up and down week for Sarah Palin in my humble view!

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Sarah Palin, eleventh governor of Alaska and 2...
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It sort of began for me with Tim Egan of NY Times opining about Sarah Palin and John Edwards being political grifters and sort of the bottom feeders in using politics to line their own pockets!

Then there is her campy vocabulary in her Tea Party speech, like “hopey-changey” and other gems in the dumb and dumber class. Reports from CNN seem to credit her with a “rousing speech”. I found her tone whiny, her vocabulary mind numbing and her style phoney!

Then there was my immediate disconnect when the Tea Baggers began ranting “Sarah for President” or words to that effect!

Is politics in the US more about pop emotions these days? He’s black and not my “cup of tea” so let’s go with Sarah’s sex appeal and “dumb and dumber” political discourse!

Pa-leeeese gimme a break!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/02/07 at 10:15

What’s Obama’s score?

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The Senate's side of the Capitol Building in DC.
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Now that the Senate has passed (60 to 40 on strict party lines) the Senate’s much abused Health Care Bill the score keepers are beginning their analysis, which has much to do with the politics and nothing whatsoever with the good for ordinary US citizens, especially those not covered by health insurance, or facing cancellation of their plan.

So the debate continues to focus on what the GOP and Dems did wrong or right and what effect that will have on next years – 2010 – mid-term election results. Given the stridency of the discourse on the edges of both parties, it doesn’t seem that the public good will get any more attention than it did during the crazy “public protests” of July and August 2009.

Since two health care bills (the Senates and the House of Reps versions) now have to be reconciled the real fight is far from over.

Maybe that’s why there isn’t much headline space given to mete out Obama’s score. But IMHO it seems that he and his supporters, who seem to be dwindling down according to polls, have done pretty well in a really tough situation in almost all dimensions, political, economic, social, cultural and racial.

Of course the most upsetting fact is that Wall Street has declared victory for the Health Insurance Industry with stock price highs and the most cynical commentators, like Morning Joe, chortle with glee at the contrariness of the Dems best intentions vs. practical results. But I take heart because the market is not the best predictor of the long run and the final word is not in todays stock prices since what goes up will come down, sooner or later!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/12/21 at 12:10

Does the New Yorker know something about Stephen Harper that we Canadians should know!

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Happy Canada Day
Image by ecstaticist via Flickr

The collection of photos is titled “Portraits of Power” and features most of todays national leaders, but Harper ain’t there, nor is Canada included??????

Does that mean that Canada is powerless, leaderless, uninteresting? Take your pick but this is no complement to our country, whatever Harper or his staff say!


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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/11/30 at 07:34

There are “nitpickers” and then there are “unprecedented nitpickers” from

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WASHINGTON - JANUARY 20:  President Barack Oba...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Politico is, if anything, right of center, especially on things “Obama”!

So it shouldn’t have surprised me that Ms. Carol E Lee should have devoted so many words to discussing the comparative application of “unprecedented events” by the WH under Bush 43 and the current incumbent Obama 44.

But what a drag! I only mention it here because it seems so Politico, even quoting of all people Karen Hughes, the most ardent keeper of the GWB claim to fame!


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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/11/29 at 09:04