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Some holier than thou Canajuns love to crawl on our bellies for US dollars

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Our latest is the dirtiest Energy Project in the world – the Tar Sands processing in Alberta. Here’s a tacky image of it:

Our PM True Blue Steve H loves to wax dull about the Tar Sands and what it means for Canada US trade. But that thoroughly messy blight on our Albertan landscape is very unnice.

Here’s what the Rainforest Action Network says about it:

There’s a 70-foot banner and activists dangling over the observation tower at Niagara Falls. Before dawn this morning, a small team of climate advocates with the Rainforest Action Network rappelled hundreds of feet above the ground, to offer special welcome message to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper ahead of his first official visit to the White House to push dirty Tar Sands oil.

Not that he’s feeling so welcome anyway. Obama limited the meeting to just one hour. While some have called it a slap in the face, aides say Harper will turn the other cheek. “The economy, and the clean-energy dialogue will dominate the discussions,” one aid told the Globe and Mail. Obama needed to dodge controversy over oil imports from Canada’s tar sands in the midst of the climate legislation debate. Harper needed a story to go with his photo-op.

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