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If it really is “Communist” China, where are the communists?

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From Slate:

Karl Who?China is a Communist country, but I have yet to meet an actual Communist.

By Daniel Gross

Posted Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2009, at 12:14 PM ET  

The article ends with this paragraph:

Of course, in China, Marxist morality shifts over time. And today, the most moral thing that Chinese policies and people can do is promote economic growth and development, regardless of the distributional outcomes. In our time in China, we heard several reasons why the massive country simply couldn’t adopt Western-style democracy. The population is too large and too diverse. Democracy promotes the sort of arguing that hinders growth. The performance of other Asian countries seemed to have suffered when fractious democracies emerged from authoritarian or military rule. Xu added a new one: It would promote unhealthy class warfare. If elections were to be held in a large geographical area where gaps between the rich and poor are wide, and in which people have different educational backgrounds, “it might cause turbulences to society,” he said. “If somebody just went out in the street and shouted, ‘I will divide the property of rich people into poor people,’ I think he would be elected. But it is useless, as parity will not solve the problem of economic development.” Yes, the creation of wealth in China has been wildly uneven. But this, too, is consistent with the party’s goals, doctrine, and history, according to Xu. “Sometimes when we have the faith we have to take different approaches to realize our beliefs. The ultimate goal is the common prosperity, but we have to let a group of people to get rich first.”

How do you say “trickle down” in Mandarin?

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2009/12/05 at 11:54