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Pete Sampras said Roger Federer is the “best tennis player ever”!

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After 5 sets with 30 games in the last set, Roger seemed subdued in triumph. As always low key and ever polite he took all kudos in stride, as if he knew that he was going to win all along, even when Roddick seemed in control of the match. If nothing else that makes him “great” I guess. Both players played a hell of a match and statistically Roger hit more winners than Andy so he deserved to win, but the margin was slim. After 4+ hours of play an unforced error by Roddick made the final difference and gave victory to Roger.

So I won’t question his greatness any more, whatever happens when Nadal comes back to possibly meet and beat Roger in the next US Open around 60 days from today. Way to go Roger!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/07/05 at 14:53