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I guess I’m not a dog lover, and amen to that!

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WASHINGTON - APRIL 14:  U.S. President Barack ...
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The ongoing story about the “top dog” in the White House seems to me to be a form of escapism by triviality. Why should I care what dog Obama’s children enjoy? Not exactly big news. In fact, why didn’t they have a dog earlier than this!

In fact, I sense that Obama doesn’ t much care either except for the PR mileage.

The dumb and dumber factor in MSM is revealed more blatantly than is healthy here!

The right wing can’t say anything constructive and the left wing just  complains. When do the adults speak up?

Who cares about the top dog, except for trivializers, the say something nice people!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/04/16 at 12:07