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Then there’s Olivia Judson reminding us about a deadly aspect of evolution by natural selection

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Olivia JudsonOlivia Judson on the influence of science and biology on modern life.

Yesterday, Tuesday, Nov. 24, was The Big Day: it was exactly 150 years since Charles Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species” was first published. In this book, Darwin described how evolution by natural selection works — and presented a huge body of evidence, drawn from every field of biology then known, that evolution can account for the patterns we see in nature.

An evolve-by-date or become extinct! Wow ain’t that a concept? Of course no wonder that it’s Olivia J reminding us about our evolutionary existential reality!

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2009/11/25 at 08:08

Origin of the Species published 150 years ago, 1859/11/24

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On the Origin of Species was published on the 24th of November 1859. This means we are actually celebrating the 150th birthday of the Origin today. Congratulations everyone!



This photo comes from this link!

I can feel a lot of positive energy from that time 150 years ago and more. It was a momentous time, in retrospect, but Darwin himself lived through exhausting psychic and physical afflictions during most of his adult life!

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2009/11/25 at 07:45

More Muslims are deciding that the discovery of Ardi disproves Darwin’s basic theory

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Human evolution mural at Dover High School
Image by Colin Purrington via Flickr

Here is an excerpt from

If you learned about Ardi on the Arabic-language version of Al Jazeera’s website, however, you discovered something else: The find disproved the theory of evolution.

“Ardi Refutes Darwin’s Theory,” Al Jazeera announced, in an Oct. 3 article not available on the English version of the website. “American scientists have presented evidence that Darwin’s theory of evolution was wrong,” the article opened. “The team announced yesterday that Ardi’s discovery proves that humans did not evolve from ancestors that resemble chimpanzees, which refutes the longstanding assumption that humans evolved from monkeys.”

I guess the interpretation of a scientific discovery is treated one way in Western culture and completely the other in the Muslim world. Go figure!


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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/11/01 at 08:55