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I am a wannabe intellectual or …

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This sounds too good to be true or sounds like something that could get my attention.

I am revisiting this post after listening to the BBC interview of Chris Hitchens. After listening for about 10 minutes I could not push back the surge of emotion and welling up of tears. This polemicist, intellectual gadabout is just to principled to be believed, especially in this world of malleable celebrity. He never gives a inch, he is true to himself even as he stares death down, even if that were possible! Of course it’s not. But he won’t give an inch to all the mothafucks who throw Pascal’s gambit at him. Whatta an independent man!

So here’s to Chris in the twilight of his time on this miserable planet!

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Toward a New Compendium of Knowledge

1. Thinkers of the world, start imagining.

There are tens of millions of intellectuals online today. What is possible with tens of millions of intellectuals working together on educational and reference projects? The very thought of that makes me literally quiver with excitement. I am amazed that we, educated people throughout the world, have barely begun to imagine what new reference and educational materials could come into being, if we pool our efforts in the open, collaborative ways demonstrated by open source software hackers. Even less have we begun to take such possibilities really seriously, or actually get to work on them.

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