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Two posts I really relate to: the first defines 10 books to know all about culture, the other is about the new ‘Net!

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I found both posts via Twitter, which sort of ┬áproves Nova Spivak’s point that Twitter is all about notifications. The first is about all you need to know about Western Culture and the other is about a suggested evolution of Twitter in relation to Facebook and Google Plus.

I will get back to this post with more comments in the next few days.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2011/07/20 at 16:15

How a “tweet” led me to an valuable article source

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Since this all worked so neatly for me, I thought is was worthwhile leaving a record of my own www experience.

I “follow” Winsom Tang on Twitter. He posted, from Digg, a link in Digg to an article by Matthew Ingram a respected Social Network pundit about “Linkedin vs. Facebook: Professional vs. Personal in the Identity Wars. This is a subject I have been curious about because of many posts I have seen in Linkedin lately about service upgrades.

Digg is a useful www aggregator since it tends to crawl sites like GigaOM, the source of the Ingram post. Digg provides a convenient icon link for a direct posting on Twitter. In this case Digg is an intermediary, Twitter the alerting gadget and GigaOM the article source.

Browsing a  bit around Digg I found this sweet YouTube with good music, good scenery and some entertaining trick bike riding!

I also found a link to this map of Facebook friendship connections! Guess what there are no Facebook friendship connections in China, or Central Africa!

Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2011/04/07 at 14:38

End of the Silly Season?

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2008 Taipei City New Year Countdown Party: The...
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I have a buddy who suggested to me this morning that the “silly season” is now over. So much for Xmas and New Year’s Eve.

Maybe that notion explains my own “silly season” which seems to be coming to an abrupt but not unpainful end. Sorry for the indirectness of these comments.

One unwelcome thing is happening these days for this user of VPN from a China based surfing laptop. I’m having lots of trouble accessing Twitter and Facebook. Twitter seems harder to access.

This morning I read an interesting essay about the reality of public apathy in Western democracies. The essay begs Americans to begin to protest more publicly and loudly about the fundamental injustice that has grown in the American economy in the wide gap between the wealth of the wealthiest vs. the rest.

One of the triggers for this essay is the obvious popularity of a small book in France written by a 93 yr old WW II hero and former French diplomat Stephane Hessel, “Indignez-vous!” Here is an excerpt:

Hessel’s book argues that French people should re-embrace the values of the French resistance, which have been lost, which was driven by indignation, and French people need to get outraged again.

Right now it seems to me that “Become Indignant” is almost too polite. The injustices in the present global economy are so extreme, in whatever country one considers, that indignation is not enough.

We, the people and unrich, have to find a way to fight this monopoly of power, political and financial, represented by the likes of Goldman Sachs in some real way. Why is it that the Tea Party in the US is supposed to represent public indignation. They suggest that it’s the govt that is wrong and working against the people. That’s just plainly wrong-headed.

Hessel’s thesis strikes me as much more relevant to us all than curiosities like the Tea Party.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2011/01/05 at 18:49

What it means to me to be able to work around Web constraints

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My social Network on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter...
Image by luc legay via Flickr

To begin with before finding the solution to web constraints here, posting to this blog was long and zemanta-less. Since I have regained use of Twitter I realize that there is a network of tech articles that were becoming invisible to me without access to Twitter. Then there was the easy contact with my Facebook contacts.

This all may seem a bit esoteric to readers of this blog, but my life, in its current “retired from active employment” state, has become more and more connected with reading what’s going on in the wider world and adding my own “two cents” about that. In that the vital part of my life this blog has become.

Web constraints make for a weblife that is dull, less animated, and alienating.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/04/11 at 16:42

Maybe you want to think about God’s works!

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Another Sunset
Image by …-Wink-…@work via Flickr

I’ve been looking at the image in this link to the Astronomy Picture of the Day.

I’ve been posting some of my thoughts about God on Twitter and elsewhere. So it seemed to me a beneficial coincidence that a “tweet” by Rachel Maddow led me to the image link above.

Then when I got here to post Zemanta offered me the image on the right here.

Some would have us believe that evocative images are proof that God is the First Cause of Nature, or something like that. All I think of is that homo sapiens does some pretty startling things to get those images to us, just like that. Including delivering the Internet and WWW with all the words and images we can find there every day.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/04/07 at 23:44