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Palin and Edwards – political grifters

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Timothy Egan writes opinion pieces in the Editorial pages of the NY Times. I think of him as the kind of guy who connects things which are not very pleasant some times.

In this paragraph from today’s column, he describes the obvious trait that John Edwards and Sarah Palin share. They are grifters, playing the game for their own monetary advantage with an infectious smile as they cash in!

Palin and Edwards are two of an American archetype, opportunists playing to outrage while taking care of themselves. They are both attractive, with that lucky combination of genes that rarely lands on more than one member of an extended family. They can both hold an audience without saying anything of substance, or even making sense.

The picture is not pretty but truth has no hold with pretty!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/02/04 at 08:26

My Sunday AM input about US politics from Glenn Greenwald,

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Wow, did he suggest a cranky and rather vituperative link knocking Sat Review and the likes of Jonah Goldberg et al. This is what I have felt about GWB & Co for a long time.

It seems eerie to me how our Harper regime in Ottawa tries to seem Bush look alikes but not quite the incompetent and almost anti-human act alikes. Unlike Bush, Harper has to deal with a minority govt in a parliamentary system. It’s a fact that Bush’s special incompetences would have been found out much earlier in our form of govt. But I guess that’s the big reason they’re American and we Canadian. Only the really smart and literate can make it as head of govt in Canada.

GG included a link to images from Iran that gave me pause since so many faux hawks, like the brave Canadian right nutter David Frum, are pointing to the inevitable pre-emptive bombing of Iran. After looking at the photos I realized how absurb and downright fascist all this talk is. The people in the images, except for some of the head dressing, could be from Anywhere USA!

Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2007/10/07 at 04:13