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From News Trust to Nick Carr and Innocent Fraud

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WWW is such a rich and connected space. I subcribe to an emailing of news aggregated by the News Trust. I began this subscription because they offered to aggregate from a variety of sources including the blogosphere. And this morning they connected me to Nick Carr.

The first connection was whether our use of the web was a form of “addiction” or rather a simple dependency along with all the dependencies we have built up with all the technology we use every without thinking about it much until one day it doesn’t work.

Because I used to like to peruse Carr’s blog stuff, I peaked into his PoP Posts. or whatever he calls that list in this blog and found a post about “innocent fraud” which is a term coined by JK Galbraith, a giant in economics and writing about that and politics. JKG’s last written opus is titled “The Economics of Innocent Fraud”.

The simple example of  innocent fraud is how MSM has accepted the term “The Market Economy” as a more palatable substitute for “Capitalism“. This substitution helps we consumers swallow the lie that the economy is influenced primarily by us, the consumers of the products of the Market Economy. Just an innocent fraud and not a black lie. Nick Carr goes on to comment about the blogosphere that he is a visible part of:

What we tell ourselves about the blogosphere – that it’s open and democratic and egalitarian, that it stands in contrast and in opposition to the controlled and controlling mass media – is an innocent fraud.

So I checked out the Amazon listing of Galbraith’s book. Thus the connected space of the blogosphere, for me this morning reading and blogging in Dalian, China, which is on the coast of the Yellow Sea!

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