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Update about my business activities in Dalian

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Accent Free English

The most important thing on my agenda is organizing an English Training business based on a method and a new web platform. The business will be known as Accent Free English ( Our web site engine will be the latest version of Joomla with a special module that supports a training web application.

For now I have two close associates in this business, Mike Holt, who lives in Victoria, BC and Poul Goldschadt, who lives and works in Dalian, China most of the time, except when he is in Denmark! Mike is my business organization and planning associate, whereas Poul G is the Joomla web site man. Both Poul and Mike tend to work with me on English training ideas and methods. I feel that we are evolving out a blend of methods from the original Globish model that we are enhancing and expanding in different ways.

Our web platform will be a means of supporting face to face training and a way of managing our business model.

Chinese Web Store and social networking Platform

I am a member of the Board and active marketing advisor to Hodge Zhou, who is CEO of ABT247 in Dalian.

Teaching ventures

I work with my wife Emma Wen on a few ventures, including doing the course planning for a new  School in Dalian for 4 to 14 year olds, that will include a healthy amount of English teaching.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/11/08 at 16:11

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